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 Kazeshini Journal Entry 3 "Tragic Day"

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PostSubject: Kazeshini Journal Entry 3 "Tragic Day"   Thu Oct 29, 2009 11:47 pm

As the skies grew dark, the breezes turned cold, and the smell of rain fiiled the air, Kazeshini walked around his woods. Walking around aimlessly looking for somethind to do. He found him self sitting nect to a tree, looking into the starts as if he was stareing past them. The noise in the woods dimmed down and the cool breeze started to fade. Th Rukongai district 80 was known for the evil acts of murder and crime stirred up the most out of any district. Gazing at the stars was Kazeshini's favorite thing to do, there was no fighting, bloodshed, or sacrifice in the sky. All that was to be seen was millions of little glowing stars, watching the world go by. "If I could live gazing at the sky all day, I woulnd't move at all." The sound of leafs being kicked brought Kazeshini's eyes back down to earth, the mostion of a shadow gave warning for the things about to come. Kazeshini only had the pick axe he used for farming with him, he had no zanpakuto or much training in combat. Three men, one with bright green hair, one man with a black mohawk, and another bald man walked form behind the trees. "Yo whats little dude? Hows it going tonight?" Kazeshini know the men from around his villgae for robbery, exstortion, and thieving. " I don't have anything you guys would want, be on your way." The three men walked closer to me. "We just want to talk, whats the problem?" "I promiss we wont hurt least not badly." All I can remember is the men getting closer and closer, then it all went black.

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Kazeshini Journal Entry 3 "Tragic Day"
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