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 Journal Entry 1: Recovering in the hospital

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PostSubject: Journal Entry 1: Recovering in the hospital   Mon Oct 19, 2009 9:55 pm

I have just opened my eyes to find myself in a white room. There were people around me, they seemed to be crying. If only i could remember...if only. A girl seeming to be of medium height and a light build with blond hair was closest to me, she appeared to be crying and a light smile appeared on her face when i awoke. She looks horrible! Well, maybe i'll become cheer leading captain now that she is probably out of the way. Was this my thought? No, of course not, but then from who? She lost her am I going to break up with her now? This time the voice seemed to come from a guy wearing a football uniform, but it didn't seem like he was saying this out loud because now one reacted to this. Lightly the guy in the football uniform touched her exposed hand, and memories upon memories flooded into her head. She saw her first wait this wasn't her it seemed to be a small boy; she saw the boy's first touchdown, his first kiss, then she saw herself with the boy laughing. Slowly, the memories stopped, and she opened her eyes to see tears cascading down her face and her arms protecting her face as if she was blocking some violent attacker's punches. Nurses and doctors came rushing in the room making everybody leave. What is going on! She could no longer tell if this was her thought or someone else's, she couldn't tell if she was that boy who scored the touchdown or the girl laughing with the boy. "Who am i! What am i!" She screeched as doctors began to check her pulse. Luckily their skin wasn't exposed or she would be even more jumbled. As the time wore on and the doctors began to leave, her memories began to sort themselves.

I am Hana Retsu...I am 16..I used to have a family but they're dead now...I am not ordinary
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Journal Entry 1: Recovering in the hospital
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