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 Kazeshini Journal Entry 1 "Freedom"

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PostSubject: Kazeshini Journal Entry 1 "Freedom"   Sun Oct 18, 2009 4:34 am

The day begain anew as Kazeshini awakend from his bed, another day for peace in paradise. Grabing his cloths and some food, he sat down at his desk ready for the morning paperwork. "Lets, I forgot I finished the mission assignments last night." Feeling anxious to move on. He stood up in a hurry, grbing his captain commanders robe, zanpakuto and his clogs, He jumped off of the balcony. For the first time in a long time Kazeshini had time to himself. The feeling of freedom over joyed his heart and enriched his soul. Walking around the Seireitei started getting boring, seeing guards salute him everywere he went, watching the lower ranked soul reapers bow when he walked by, the guards droping to there knees at the first hint that he was around got to him. "All this formal stuff is getting boring, I'm getting the hell out of here." Kazeshini hide his spiritual pressure and tried slipping out while avioding being noticed. As he stealthfully ran around the Seireitei he saw something amusing, three guards sitting in a circle shooting the breeze with eachother. "Did you hear about the new captain for squad 11? Rumor has it he beat the former captain without breaking a sweet." "I heard he won with his bare hands" "I heard that the captain sliced him in half with the blink of an eye." Kazeshini laughed to himself and started to walk on. He got to the Seireitei Walls and passed threw the gate when he heard the Gate Keeper talking. "Commander Kazeshini, what brings you to the Rukongai District?" Kazeshini looked at the Gate Keeper with interest in a good conversation. "Why I havent seen you in a long time Ba'ul, how life treating you today?" The gate keeper Ba'ul looked at Kazeshini with gratitude. "Why Commander... after all these years you remember my name?" "Of course, why would I forget?" Kazeshini walked closer to Ba'ul. "So Ba'ul. you never answered my question." Ba'ul became nervous. "Oh sir, my deepest apologize, well now that you mention it. Things are quite good these days, the air is calm, the sky is clear. I could'nt think of a complain in the world!" Kazeshini smiled from Ba'ul's happiness. "I'm very glad to hear that Ba'ul, I'll be back before sundown." Kazeshini started to run towards the Rukongai District. "See you later my friend!" Kazeshini ran off into the distance.

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Kazeshini Journal Entry 1 "Freedom"
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