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 Kazeshini Journal Entry 2 "Recollecting Past"

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PostSubject: Kazeshini Journal Entry 2 "Recollecting Past"   Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:17 pm

Kazeshini ran into the rukongai district without any thought on were he is going. He found himself running in the middle of a shoping district and stopped. He saw all the food on shelfs, the cloths hanging from cloths lines, and toys for kids laying on blankets. He walked up to a man that was selling fruit, "Hello, how are you on this gorgeous day?" The old man looked at kazeshini's face with torment. The old mans face begain to show kazeshini that he recognized him. Worried somone would start a commotion, Kazeshini shunpoed out of sight and hid behind a building, watching the old man from afar. He started to run to the woods, so Kazeshini followed him.The man was quite tall, and had a bigger build than the other men in the Rukongai district, and his hair looked like it was falling out from canstand hair-die. The scars on his face told Kazeshini that he has fought many battles in his past. The old man was running and sometimes he would stop to look behind him for any followers. Stumbling everynow and then as he turned, Kazeshini could tell this man was scared of his face, but couldnt figure out why. "This man...he saw my face and instantly coward before me. Not many people in the Rukongai know what the Captain Commander looks like. So how does he know me? he was standing to me left...." Kazeshini remembered. He remembered the day...he got the scar on his eye.

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Kazeshini Journal Entry 2 "Recollecting Past"
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