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 Journal Entry 2

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PostSubject: Journal Entry 2   Sat Oct 24, 2009 5:14 pm

Finally, I get to come home from that cursed hospital. I've spent the last few days hiding my new gifts, or curses as i call them from all the doctors. After only a few days all my friends and distant family members stopped visiting, I didn't really care anyway it kind of made my days go by easier not having to hear all their thoughts and having constant memories flooding into me with every touch. Being alone is my destiny now, not being able to ever hug, kiss, or even a simple hand shake anymore without getting unbearable headaches with constant memories that wasn't mine to have. Luckily, to go with my lonely life style I am now emancipated. Having no family members that wanted me and throwing a tantrum every time a family came to see me in the hospital may have been the reason why the courts let me be emancipated; but hey who am I to argue with the court system.

I've gotten a whole loft to myself; all my stuff is set up how I want them. You'd think having a loft to myself meant no thoughts from others. WRONG! DEAD WRONG! Apparently being in a loft is actually like living in a huge apartment, meaning you have neighbors. Neighbors that aren't that far away. I get to hear their thought 24/7, and apparently when people talk they also think about their thoughts. SO, that also means i hear all their conversations. I never get peace and quiet anymore, plus i feel like an eaves dropper; so i devised a plan. This plan deals with an i-pod with millions of songs that i don't even know cranked up as loud as it can go, an over sized hoody, gloves, and baggy jeans; so that no one will ever think twice about wanting to touch me, plus the i-pod will make it harder for me to think which means harder to hear thoughts.

This plan will has to.
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Journal Entry 2
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