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 Day 2: A breath after the dawn

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Espada #0
Espada #0

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PostSubject: Day 2: A breath after the dawn   Mon Oct 19, 2009 5:32 pm

I have just finished my first mission as an Espada after spending a week in this places finding my own way and meeting the faces of those i was intend to work with. I have learned that many here are not actually considered the same authority as we Espada, those ranked with the numbers tattooed lower then ten are nor organized like we above the double digit. Seems like there are ranked from birth, oldest being the closest number of towards ten with the youngest further away, also I have learned that apparently I’m the lead role in this entire organization, which is a bit of a scary thought when i kinda think about it so I’m pretty much let the other top three make most of the orders with me only just saying yes so i can attend to my own little works. I tend to get a free pass to do as a please even in important tasks so I’m like that part myself, they managed to always get the work done so i’m pretty good with whatever i want. Though as being myself i still have to make sure they all are in line and perform all my important takes and organized all their work for are creator. But aside from that i get the job done and have fun doing anything i want. Oh right back to my first real mission in this place, it was simply enough to perform an pest control as it was given to me. That was just a code name that they gave it, turns out they actually wanted to eradicated a large village of hollows that seemed to oppose us so, it was fairly a simple task to do as they seemed not to put up much of a challenge. Time was not on their side XD ( my own little joke). From there i returned with the results and was given the rest of the day off to do as a please. Really that didn’t mean much aside from watching the Other Espada train with my new body guard Nero, his a nice guy to me most of the time but rather a jerk to the others which is funny to see every time. I have started the work for me to visit the human world without having an issues with my care taker worrying about the soul reapers since the last time they had some issues with our apparent most hated foes. I for one don’t get the whole war between the two races.

We seem similar that such difference as a hole in our bodies wound’s matter though it seems like it does, i for one would actually like to meet an actually Death god and judge for myself before i start hating them, seems kinda wrong for me to just listen to the reports and dislike someone i’ve never met before. Even humans i wanted to me for my own sake. I plan to undertake the request later on today though right now i’m a little tired so i’m going to get some rest.

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PostSubject: Re: Day 2: A breath after the dawn   Mon May 17, 2010 12:57 am

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Day 2: A breath after the dawn
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