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 Day one: Dawn of darkness

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PostSubject: Day one: Dawn of darkness   Sun Oct 18, 2009 7:21 am

Well I suppose it was about time I started this after what has happened to me all of a sudden after all who knows what might happen to in the future, certainly what’s happened already caught me off good, even in the after life I never imaged what would happen these past few mouths. It was not long ago that I arrival in this place, hueco mundo the land of the dead after life, strange that I find myself here and not a brighter world I thought I would end up as. Is this my punishment for a judgment I never got the chance to hear? Well I suppose it doesn’t matter anymore as I am here now and going to live this life as best I can. It was a type of a wild fire that seemed to keep getting worse and worse as things fell into darkness for me…the death of my body and the fleeting visions of what memories I’ve had were nothing more then faceless emotions now. Any attachment to the human world I had is gone and now I can fully embrace myself as an Esapda though it seems that my so called comrades somewhat dislike me and my ever Increasing influence in their ranks. I’m not sure why my powers are so gained such praise this early in here but it was of great benefit to me, for now I shall play my role till I learn what lays beyond this land of darkness.

For my own sake i might as well to try to recall as much as I can from my former self, after all death took everything for me so that one linger thread of my former humanity, I must keep it for my sake as well as those that I left behind. I believe in life my name remained unchanged thus i share something in common with it. Aki...the fall or autumn session that mark the death of life. Its kinda odd how my name means such a thing, for me to die and be reborn in such a dreadfully place, like a cold winter ghost however over myself as much like the passage of time.... ok ya wow i'm making a lot of poetic sense that its acutally kinda scaring me now, I was certainly not a English person in life and certainly not one now XD. Well i suppose its ok to be myself here in my own thoughts rather then in the front of the other Esapda, most give me the oddities glares...its as though they hate me with their fear something i'm not sure i will understand quick yet as i'm still fairly new here. Even with me out ranking them all I would like to meet someone and have something done to lighten the mood here. Cause i'm sure one of them if not all would be more then glad to cut my thorax while i sleep. MY powers are still mostly a mystery to me as i have yet to find how vast they are or at least should be, still unsure why i was placed as the top dog here since i'm still getting chills and shivers just from number 6. its kinda profound that i here today standing next to the man that found me wondering the endless white desert on my own but nevertheless i am here. I think much of the drama of my death still lingers as their are holes in my mind about what i lost, i will keep this hidden jornal away as a way to connect back to my roots and maintain the true Aki.

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Day one: Dawn of darkness
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