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 Remiji Daisuke-Human (IN PROGRESS)

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Remiji Daisuke

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PostSubject: Remiji Daisuke-Human (IN PROGRESS)   Sat Oct 24, 2009 9:18 pm

Characters History

History: (your characters history, your parents, your school and how you atained your powers.)


Name: Remiji Daisuke

Age: 17


Gender: Male

Class: Marksman Sword Master

School Grade: Senior Year High School

Fighting Style: Daisuke has been training in martial arts and bushido since he was old enough to hold a sword. His family was very old fashioned and wanted him to have a skill in something other than the mundane for later on in life. Daisuke from that point has built up a cocky attitude when it comes to fighting. He loves to get into a person's head, but he takes his time in defeating most opponents, prefering to disable them so that others may handle the opponent so he doesn't have blood on his hands. Daisuke trains daily working on speed and agility as well as accuracy. His attack strength isn't the best, but he is the most likely person to land a hit if needed.

Human Special Powers

Name: (The name of your Power)

Reseblance: (Hollow, bounts, quincy, not limited to)

Description: (The description of your Special Power. Pros and Cons )


Name: (Name of your tech)

Description: (What your tech is, and what it does)

Stat Points

Physical Strength:- 10

Physical Defensive:- 10 - 5

Magic Attack:- 5

Magic Defense:- 10 - 5


Agility/Evasion:- 15 + 15

Stamina:- 20

Accuracy: 20 + 5
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Remiji Daisuke-Human (IN PROGRESS)
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