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 Rin Mae Phan

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PostSubject: Rin Mae Phan   Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:00 am

Characters History

History: (Describe your character growing up in the Soul Society, nothing before you die cause soul reapers can't remember there human life.)


Characters Name: Rin Phan


Age: 76(but looks 15)

Gender: Female

Home Land: Island of Tahiti

Personality: Shy and refrained to herself, but if she feels the need to she will act out on her own. She doesnt trust very many people but loves and trust all of her superior officers. She loves to be around Nonko and trusts him with her life.

Position/Clan: Lieutenant

Squad/Class: 11th Division

Fighting Style: Rin is someone that prefers not to fight. She would rather solve the problem before she draws her sword, but if provoked. Rin is known for fighting furiously

Stat Points

Physical Strength:20

Physical Defensive:40

Magic Attack:30

Magic Defense:10





Zanpakuto Basics

Zanpakuto's Name: Sacred Feather

Zanpakuto's Specifications: (A basic description of your Zanpakuto's unrealesed power)

Element: Feathery light/Holy

Zanpakuto's Picture:

Zanpakuto's Release Incantaion:"Sacred Feather Dance"

(For captains, and lieutenants. possible 3rd seat if the train for it)

Zanpakuto's Released Specifications: (A description of your Zanpakuto's powers after its released)

Zanpakuto's Spirit:

Zanpakuto's Realm:

Zanpakuto's Released Looks: (What your Zanpakuto looks like after released)

Bankai Name:Fatteli Morinji

Bankai Abilites: (what happens when you release your bankai, and what powers)

Transformations: (What changes on your looks when Bankai is used, may not apply)

Bankai Looks:


Name: (The name of you Kido)

Number: (The number of your Kido.)

Type: (Binding or Destruction)

Elemental Power: (The element of your Kido.)

Incantation: (The incantation you speak to cast the Kido/or do you not need one for this)

Requirments: (Rank, seat, stats)

Specifications: (Effect.)
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Espada #0
Espada #0

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PostSubject: Re: Rin Mae Phan   Sat Oct 24, 2009 11:02 am

ok hun first off can i suggest you tone done your avatar? i can't see half of your application

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Rin Mae Phan
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