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 Day 2:Teriffic Mess

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Captain of the 12th Squad
Captain of the 12th Squad

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PostSubject: Day 2:Teriffic Mess   Fri Oct 23, 2009 3:20 pm

I decided to check on the problem in the lab today my escaped research subjec had gotten loose and was running riot, i had decided to leave it to my squad members to deal with but i got no report of them stopping it so i checked in on them and what a sight, 4 dead, 3 wounded and one low seat member i didn't even recognise sitting in the corner soiling himself, all over a minor geneticaly modified Monkey, well after stepping in and sorting out the wounded and getting rid of that kid dont know it took little time to take care of the subject unfortunatly i stressed it out so much it exploded, oh how i hate wasting test subjects since they are few and far between and no one is willing to give their self to science. After that i coped an earful from the captain commander for not taking better care of my squad, at the time i happily agreed with him but in reality i couldnt care less as i have said before if they cannot handle themselves then what is the point in them they wouldn't even be worth cutting up and feeding to the other subjects. Right more work to do and so little time to do it.

*Note: Create monkies that explode on impact cackle*
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Day 2:Teriffic Mess
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