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 Kisuke Urahara

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PostSubject: Kisuke Urahara   Thu Oct 22, 2009 10:36 pm

Characters History

History: As a kid, kiskue always wanted to have fun, Kiske was i bright student and a easy learner, all ways facinated with new things. For example, at only 23 (thats like 8 or nine) him and his best friend Youroichi built an underground training facillity so they could have more time to play. Growing up and around hes adult year, Kiske was apointed to be captain by Yourichi, former captain of squad 2 and long time friend of Kiskue. after he bacame captain of his squad, he waisted no time setting up shop. As of the resent days, his is the reason for the Captain of squad 12 getting out of jail for his forbidden experiments. One day, many soul reapers disapeared, the only thing left was there cloths. so he sent his leuitenant out on a mission to the forest, to find out what happened to soul reaper that sudenly disapear. In the middle of a Captains meeting, he senced somthing went wrong, trying to leave, the Captain Commander ordered them all captains to do nothing, dissreguarding the orders, he and a kido expert named Tessai went to investigate and to help there leuitenants. The moment he saw what was happening, he discovered suske aizen was behind the disapearing shinigami by using the hougioku to turn shinigami into hollows. Aizen framed Urahara for the incedent, him and tessai were sentenced to death from the soul society. Kisuke for the reserch and creation of the hougioku, Tessai for using forbidden Kido. So Kisuke, Tessai and Yourichi ran away from the soul society and set up shop in the real world. Continuing with creating gadgets and medical herbs to help soul reapers in there missions against the hollows. Curently, Captain Yamamoto doesnt pursue Kiskue or any others so he can help soul reapers. He is Ichigos "master" so to speak. Kisuke taught Ichigo how to fight, everything there is to know. He taught him how to use resolve, movment, and maximum attacking. Also, he is the cause for Ichigo's ability to turn into a Vizard. Famous words of Kisuke. " When you counter, its beccause you fear of being killed, when you attack, you fear killing, and when you try and protect someone, you fear you could let them die. At this point, the only thing your sword speaks of, is fright, and thats not good. What you do not need in battle, is fear, nothing will come of it. When you counter, you dont let them cut you, If you protect someone, you dont let them die, when you attack, you kill. Cant you see, my sheir resolve to kill youis reflected in my sword."
On day, Kisuke was walking around his shop fixing up the shelfs, watching his helper Tessai clean the place while he himself sat around drinking tea, when he felt the spiritual pressure of a hollow outside of his store. He walked out and saw the hollow was waiting for him. "Welcome to my shop, can i help you with somthing...Oh silly me, i forgot that your evil incarnate, how foolish of me, alow me to show you the door." Swinging his sword, he casted the hollow away. walking back to his shop, he noticing the hollows energy wanst gone, he quickly turned and used his shield as the hollow attacked him. "my my, your a fiesty one. Your almost good enough to use my latest invention. The hollow gegai 5000!!!! it comes in all sizes." the hollow attacks and kisuke dodges. "you can get all of them in any color and you can do anything with them." the hollow attacks again." Well, your not one for poliet conversation." The hollow attacks but fails miserably. "Killing you will be as easy as slicing a cake" Kisuke slashes his sword. "All i need to do is watch your movments you seem to run up to down 45 degrees around me, so i just got to catch you at a down point." kisuke swings with the right timing and planning. half way threw his swing his sword stops, he looks up to find the hollow grabbed the tip of his blade with his teeth, Kisuke tries a up-word slash, but before he knows it the hollow slashes at him. Kisuke ducks and starts flying back. by the time Kisuke getts his footing, one hollow is back circling him again. "fine ill get you this time, trust me." the next attempt has the different outcome, only to find the hollow is dead right next to him. Kiskue flies back. "ok... now he dead... another hollow apears, no matter what I do, another hollow grows from the last one." the hollow gets inpaitcent and tries to attack, Kisuke dodges the first time, and the next second Kisuke slashes through the hollows mask. in the air, Kisuke flies toward the sky and crashes to the ground with his sword in another hollows head. as soon as kisuke gets to his feet anther hollow circles him again. " all my aproches are wrong, i know he can regenerate, i need to find the host, wait i got it" the hollow continues to circle Kisuke, waiting to see his next move. He notices a string attached to the hollow, so he jumps, "for a split second i can see a string attached to the hollow, I have to strike the end of the string." the hollow jumps, Kisuke makes his move, and without fail, at the end of a string, the hollow controling all of them is split in two. the hollows vanish. Kisuke looks to Tessai and slowly walks away. "Hey Tessai!!!! i got some more clean up for you!!!" Tessai walks out "But Kisuke, when a hollow dies they disinagrate??? what do i have to clean?" Urahara looks around and puts on his funny face "Well Ill be a son of a bount, how did i forget that?" both Tessai and Urahara walk into the shop, when Tessai asks "Kiskue, would you try this new herbal tea i made, its good for the soul and your lower intestans!!!" Kisuke looks at Tessai in fear, "Am I going to drink this and be praying to the porcelain god for the next three hours like last time???" Kisuke remembers the pain and puts his hand up shaking it, "No thanks." Tessai gets angry that he refused his tea. "If a merchant cant test him supplies, then why would he sell them???" Kisuke looks at Tessai with his angry face, Kisuke still says no. Tessai stands up and starts to chase Kiskue "You have to try it, You have too!!!" Kisuke gets caught running and Tessai poors the tea down his throat. Tessai asks "there, that wasnt so bad was it?" Kisuke looks at Tessai "No... It wasnt that bad at al....." Kisuke stomach growls and starts to feel sick "OH boy. I need the toilet!" Kisuke runs into his shop, and starts barffing. "What did you put in that stuff, poisen? Tesssai looks at Kisuke with his thinking face. "It's a new tea i made to help clean out ones system, it all the rage for humans." Kisuke looks at Tessai, then continues to barf his brains out.


Characters Name: Kisuke Urahara


Age: 565 years old looks about 30-35

Gender: male

Home Land: ?

Personality: Kisuke likes to live life with a positive attitude, always cracking jokes and laughing about the little things, but when work needs to get done, he gets down to business. He knows how to put people to work and is a walking definition of sarcasum. Kisuke is one of the people that knows when its time to fight, its time to get serious. He always likes to show off his new inventions to evryone and takes pride in his work. Urahara is has a passion for knowledge, he loves to learn more about his enemies and once he knows how they attack, usually you cant do the same attack twice, cause he will know how to counter it.

Position/Clan: rouge soul reaper ex-captain of the 12th division and now owns a candy shop in the real world

Squad/Class: rouge soul reaper

Fighting Style: Up front and personal, bounces back and forth as he runs toward his enemies.

Stat Points

Physical Strength:- 20

Physical Defensive:- 20

Magic Attack:- 10

Magic Defense:- 20

Speed:- 40

Agility/Evasion:- 40

Stamina:- 30

[Accuracy:- 20

Bankai is plus 10 to all

Zanpakuto Basics

Zanpakuto's Name: Benihime

Zanpakuto's Specifications: His cane sword looks like a regular cane, but when he needs it, he can to out his sword with out a moments notice

Element: Fire?

Zanpakuto's Picture:

Zanpakuto's Release Incantaion: Awaken Benihime

(For captains, and lieutenants. possible 3rd seat if the train for it)

Zanpakuto's Released Specifications: When released, Kisuke can shot a red-ish light out of the tip of his blade, creating a fire cracker sound. He can also create a sheild with his spiritual energy, similar looks to the Kido Splitting void, but smaller.
Kisuke points Benihime at his enemy, the blade fills with a red resitus, and fires a beam of energy.

Zanpakuto's Spirit: A princess

Zanpakuto's Realm: his shop?

Zanpakuto's Released Looks:


Bankai Abilites: Revolver- Kisukes energy waves turn now have the effect of explodes!! then shots shrapnel! When his waves hit his target, it explodes and little shrapnel shards fire out in a 10 foot radius. can only use evey 2 posts.

When Kisuke makes his shield, the energy shot gets sent back at the enemy in a form of little shrapnel. can us infinate but only shots back as far as the enemy shots his energy (Only works on energy attacks including Kido spiritual waves bolts creatures etc. Quincy arrows and Hollows Cero. does not work on Physical attacks, like a Zanpakuto.)

Missle- Kisuke can fire a beam that has the explosive power double of his spirit waves. For each post he waits his damage doubles, the shrapnel shots out in a 25 foot radius. This ability take 1 full post minimum to cast, the cool down is triple the posts Kisuke puts into it (If he waits 1 post he cant use it for 3, if he waits 2 posts he cant use it for 6, if he puts 3 post in he cant use it for 9)

Transformations: ???

Bankai Looks: same for now untill further notice


Name: Restrain

Number: 1

Type: Binding

Elemental Power: light



Specifications: Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.

Name: Thrust

Type: Hadou

Number: 1

Element: n/a.

Description: Pushes the target away from the caster.

Name: Reverse Demon

Type: Misc

Number: n/a

Element: n/a

Description: This technique nullifies an opponent's kidō by hitting them with a perfectly opposite surge of energy.

Name: Temporal Stasis

Type: Misc.

Number: n/a

Element: light?.

Description: A forbidden spell used by Tessai along with kūkanten'i. The actual effect of the spell isn't elaborated on.

Name: Spatial Displacement

Type: Misc.

Number: n/a

Element: light???

Description: A forbidden spell used by Tessai with jikanteishi to teleport a specified portion of space from one point to another, transporting even other active kidō spells.

Name: Black Coffin

Type: Hadou-Destruction

Number: 90.

Element: Darkness.

Incantation: Enclosing doors, Binding pain, foolsih heart scattered along soul feilds

Description: Forms a box of black energy around a target, which is then pierced by dozens of energy "spears", lacerating the one inside from head to toe. Its appearance and function is reminiscent of a common magician's trick, as well as certain torture devices used during the Spanish Inquisition.

Name: Blue Fire

Type: Hadou-Destruction

Number: 33

Element: Fire

Incantation: Hadou 33 Pale Fire Crash GO!

Description: Fires a column of blue fire at a target in a similar manner to 31, but over a wider area and with more power.

Name: White Lightning

Type: Hadou-Destruction

Number: 4

Element: Lightning

Incantation: Hadou 4 Byakurai

Description: Fires a concentrated bolt of white lightning from the caster's forefinger.

Name: Whirling Tempest

Type: Hadou-Destruction

Number: 58

Element: Wind

Incantation: Hadou 58 Whirling Tempast

Description: widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the target.

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Kisuke Urahara
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