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 Day 3: the Gathering

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Espada #0

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PostSubject: Day 3: the Gathering   Thu Oct 22, 2009 9:52 pm

Today was the first time that I joined the Espada meeting hall with all the others, hearing and seeing our leader’s face for the first time in a coward with everyone else. It was interesting to hear all their ideas and thoughts about many topics i never considered like how to Espada should expand each of the terrorises of huedo mondo instead of living all together in the confines of lash Noches. I for one thought this palace is certainly large enough of for all of us to have our places with plenty of space so I have no idea why they are complaining. The turned out a new face in the ranked 8th which was a little surprised but I greeted him with a normal smile and a wave. The rest of the dealings where with the whole issues with the soul society which i really had no interesting in, Azain kinda notice though and asked me to meet him in person to ask if there was something on my mind. To be honest i was expecting a little something more frightening and overwhelming, for the most part he just treated me like an average nice guy with a bit if a creepy air about him as he was very forgiving and cracked some humour with that mature like face that sent a shiver of embodiment to me. I was told to deeply respect the man which i do but not really on the level of fear that some of the Espada have for him so i’m a little at odds why. Aside from that i really just spent the day in my little garden and with some training with the others, i have yet to show anyone my powers over time so I’m kinda wondering why there reaction will be when they see it a matter of fact i have yet to show my releases form as well as those ranked 4 and up or forbidden to prevent damage to our fortress. Well another average day here in this dark place, i really want someone interesting to play with...maybe i should sneak into the human world soon...tehee

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Day 3: the Gathering
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