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 Day One:A Fresh start

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Captain of the 12th Squad
Captain of the 12th Squad

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PostSubject: Day One:A Fresh start   Wed Oct 21, 2009 1:17 pm

The Light burst through the window and i awoke with a start, looking round the room i almost lost my bearings and then remembered that i no longer lived in the dreary quaters of the vice captain, i was captain of the 12th squad so much work and i can't be bothered in the slightest. I closed my eyes again and started to drift of, a lound banging on my door brought me round, i quickly dressed and poked my head out, a third seat and silly third seat, i just looked at the little thing infront of me with little interest and asked what he wanted, he stuttered and spluttered as though he has never spoken to a captain before or he didn't even know that the old captain had died of an unknown illness *Note:Start Autopsy and look into illness*.

Well i was up now and my new duties were upon me in an instant first i had to coordinate the squad and whip them into shape since i ran a tight ship and dont want slackers in my ranks they better shape up, after that i had a bit of work to do on my eye and hand which i replaiced with better working versions then i would see to the little minor problem that the third seat came to see me about this very morning apartently one of my test subject had gotten loose and was causing a stir in the labs but it wasn't overly important if my squad couldn't handle it what use to me are they anyway.

Life of a captain is such a drag i hate all this work but what else can i do, for now im going to trudge on with the work and get things done *Note:Take the 3rd seat that woke me up apart he is far to useless for my squad, Subnote:Do some personal test on why i cant use Kido* Well im getting swamped under so for today i cant write any more.
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Day One:A Fresh start
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