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 Skalyx the Primera Arrancar

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PostSubject: Skalyx the Primera Arrancar   Tue Oct 20, 2009 6:57 pm


Name: Skalyx Unteichi

Age: Skalyx looks like he is 20 but is really 1157

Gender: Male

Rank: Espada

Number: Skalyx is number 1 and it is on the back of his neck

Picture: Skalyx's robes are more stealth based than the other Arrancar's robes. The sleeves are tight at the wrists that hold his zanpakutos to where when he quickly straightens his arms, the will slide out into his hands. The bottom of his robes are open more wide up to his hips. He has black pants that are tight around the ankles and wider when they go up his hips. The turned up collar on his robes are alot smaller than the normal robes and is pressed against the base of his neck. He has a tight cloth mask that covers his mouth and nose. Skalyx's hollow hole is in the hollow of his throat. His eyes are a deep blood red with a scar down the right eye. His hair is jet black. Skalyx's zanpakutos are two bowie knives with 7 inch long blades equipped with spiked knuckle dusters. The blades are an intricate design with clipped blades. His hollow mask is a small plate on his forehead.

Personality: Skalyx is a cold-hearted arrancar. He speaks when necessary or when taunting his opponent. He doesn't care what anyone thinks about him and doesn't care what the other people say about him. Skalyx's personality is basis of that of a sociopath which is perfect for the thing he does most, espionage and wetwork. Him being a sociopath allows him to do whatever needs to be done without regret or remorse and allows him to put on any mask of personality he desires. Skalyx is a calculative person, striking vital points of the body which could prove fatal. Skalyx was specially trained for stealth and killing as effectively as possible.


Name: Awaken Sagre De Demonio

Alterations: In this form, Skalyx gains a pale white complexion while he gains red demonic markings. All of Skalyx's teeth become jagged while the canines remain longer. Skalyx gains white wings with black leather. His claws become black as well while his hair grows down to the ends of his shoulder blades.

Element: Darkness

Looks: Skalyx resembles a demonic entity especially in his second release.


Name: Garganta
State: Both
Description: This is how arrancar move to and from Hueco Mundo. Kaname Tosen and Kisuke Urahara have also demonstrated the ability to use the technique. It literally tears open the dimensional fabric separating the worlds, revealing a tunnel of whirling, torrential energy that must be focused and solidified to create a discernible pathway.

Name: Bala
State: Both
(虚弾 (バラ), bara; Spanish for "Bullet," Japanese for "Hollow Bullet") Bala is an Arrancar alternative to Cero. The technique hardens the user's Spiritual Pressure and fires it like a bullet. Although it is weaker than a normal Cero, it moves about twenty times faster and can be fired at a much higher rate, but the damage is much the same. Stronger Arrancar can also fire a more powerful Bala, while retaining its twenty-fold speed.

Name: Hierro
State: Both
Description: This refers to the hardened skin of the Arrancar, which is a result of their compressed spiritual power. While their skin is strong enough to block even released Zanpakuto bare-handed, it is by no means impenetrable. Stronger Arrancar have proportionally stronger skin. Nnoitra Jiruga claimed his Hierro is toughest amongst the Espada; being of higher rank than Nnoitra, Ulquiorra's Hierro appears to be much tougher.

Name: Pesquisa
State: Both
Description: This is the arrancar equivalent of the Shinigami ability to sense Spiritual Pressure. It functions similar to a sonar. Using pesquisa requires most Espada to enter a meditative state. Indan does this by twitching his attanae which are reiatsu sensitive.

Name: Sonido
State: Normal/Resurrecion
Description: A very quick movement performed by Arranacar that allows them to move at high speeds for brief periods of time.

Name: Cero
State: Both
(虚閃 (セロ), sero; Spanish for "Zero," Japanese for "Hollow Flash," "Doom Blast" in the Viz translation) are high-powered energy blasts that can be fired from various body parts, such as mouth, tongue, hand or fingers. Only Gillians, Adjuchas, Arrancar, and the Vizards have so far been shown to use Cero attacks, and it appears that stronger entities can use it more efficiently. Various Arrancar and Hollow characters display variants of the technique, such as the Espada-exclusive Gran Rey Cero, the Cero Oscuras that Ulquiorra Cifer can use only in his released form, as well as the Cero Sincrético performed by Pesche Guatische and Dondochakka Bilstin.

Name: Master Hand-to-Hand
State: Both
Description: He appears to be highly skilled in swordsmanship, being able to fight on-par with Ichigo and even slice through his Getsuga Tenshō. Ulquiorra prefers to wield his sword with his right hand, leaving the other hand free though it usually remains in his pocket. He is quite adept at blocking while his offense is capable of great precision. He was able to fend off Ichigo using his Hollow mask-enhanced Bankai long enough to reach the top of Las Noches, though his Zanpakutō was nearly broken.

Name: Regeneration
State: Both
Description: A most notable trait is that fact that he has extremely high speed regeneration. Aki can quickly regenerate any part of his body except for his brain and Internal organs. However, this power also requires that he had sufficient spiritual energy. as such once he regenerations Aki cannot countine with the battle as he is too drained of his energy to put up any decent fight.

Name: Cero Double
State: Both
Cero Doble (重奏虚閃 (セロ・ドーブル), sero doburu; Spanish for "Double Zero" Japanese for "Instrumental Duet Hollow Flash"), by swallowing his opponent's Cero and returning it back to the user along with his own cero.

Name: Cero Sincrético
State: Both
Cero Sincrético (融合虚閃, セロ・シンクレティコ, sero shinkuretiko; Japanese for "united hollow flash", Spanish for "synchronized zero") is a variation performed by Dondochakka Bilstin and Pesche Guatiche. This attack was first seen being used against Szayel Aporro Granz.[3] In the anime version, Pesche and Dondochakka are shown gathering several separate ceros and fusing them into a swirling ball. Although it does not work on him, Szayel-Aporro admits that it is a "marvelous technique"[4], and that if they had used it at the beginning of the battle (before he had time to analyze their reiatsu) he would have been defeated. However, it does seem to greatly drain Pesche and Dondochakka---both are panting and on the point of collapse after performing it.

Name: Gran Rey Cero
State: Both
Description: It is performed by mixing an Arrancar's own blood with the Cero. The result is a cero with a much greater attack power, size, speed, and force, as well as a change of color unique to the Espada. It is also several times more powerful than a normal Cero.

Name: Cero Oblivion.
State: Both.
Description: Cero Oblivion is a purple Cero, used only by the top five members of the Arrancar Five in their released form. This cero compares to the Cero Oscurus in power. It covers any exposed light into pitch darkness. The Cero Oblivion's range is vast, and its attack power is great. The Cero Oblivion is far greater than a average Cero. It is stated that Cero Oblivion's blast range is slightly larger than Cero Oscuras, meaning it is able to
damage more enemies.

Name: Shapeshifting powers
State: both
Description: Skalyx has developed a power that allows him to "consume" a person and is able to obtained the memories, the appearance, reiatsu signature, and the basic powers that go along with that person. To consume someone, Skalyx must kill them and as fast as they can, tendrils come out and grasps the body before breaking it down and applying it to his body. Like if he absorbed a shinigami, he will be able to obtain the initial release along with the lesser powers that come with it. Skalyx can only use the basic powers of the people he has absorbed. He is able to turn into the people he has consumed allowing him to go undercover into any faction, however he can only consume a max of four people and if he consumes someone when he has reached the maximum limit, he can replace one of his familiars. Also, when someone deals a death dealing blow, Skalyx can switch his life with one of his familiars and regenerate quickly afterwards. In his released, Skalyx will be able to release his familiars so that instead of one fighter, the opponent will be facing off against five.

Name: Weapons of the masses
State: unreleased
Description: By using his reiatsu, Skalyx is able to change his knives into various other weapons, allowing him to be more versatile in a fight.

Name: Offensive shapeshifting powers
State: released
Description: Skalyx in his released state allows him to change the shape of his body to where his limbs and the rest of his body could be offensive weapons against, allowing him to be unpredictable with his attacks. It could range from extra arms, to massive spikes coming from under the ground

Name: Hellhound form
State: both
Description: This ability allows Skalyx to change his body into black hounds with blood red eyes each with shapeshifting powers of their own such as turning their fir into spikes or growing blades out of their sides. Skalyx can only change into a max of 6. Skalyx can also use this form to scout by being able to view

Name: Four body ultimatum technique
State: unreleased
Description: When Skalyx gains his familiars, Skalyx can split his body to either one or all four however, this will require him to distribute his strength between all of them.

Name: Reishi empowered strikes
State: both
Description: When one of his familiars is a quincy, Skalyx can gather 15% of the reishi around him and use it for a hard hitting attack. This has a cool down of two posts

Stat Points
Strength: 10

Speed: 45

Accuracy: 30

Stamina: 10


History: Skalyx was the twin brother of the one and the only, Vlad The Impaler, known to people as Count Dracula. Skalyx was the more subtle of the two, he was the main one with him and a small group, sneaked behind enemy lines and pretended to be infected with leprosy so they can walk around without being bothered. With this, his group was able to infiltrate enemy castles and steal what they need or kill whomever needed to be killed. After the destruction of Vlad's army, Skalyx and his group were caught and used as bargaining chip, but Vlad disowned them as they have planned. With this, they both got executed.

Skalyx, as a soul, moved around quite frequently, not only that but skulking people from beyond the grave and analyzed them. Skalyx was kept at peace, preventing him from becoming a hollow for several of hundred of years until he was ambushed out of the blue then devoured. Skalyx became insane as a lizard like hollow. He hunted souls before he leaped onto a more challenging game, he started hunting his own kind, devouring hollows as much as he could. The next thing he knew, he just couldn't stop and soon became a Menos Grande

Gillian didn't last long for after a couple of days, he realized what he was and gained self-awareness and became an Adjuchas. He decided that the gillians and normal hollows were too boring to go after as they were too slow and not as cunning. He wanted to ramp it up by starting to go after Vasto Lordes and other Adjuchas which was just plain suicide. He only killed one Vasto Lorde before saying that, that was enough for him as the Vasto Lorde nearly killed him and he only won by luck. After months of eating Adjuchas, Skalyx became a Vasto Lorde. All that was going through his mind right now, was to get stronger. He wanted to become more destructive and he no longer wanted to be a soldier, he no longer wanted to wear his mask and be a victim to his insanity. Skalyx grasped his mask with great strength and kept attempting to rip off his mask, most of all of his attempts ended in failure until one successful attempt and went through his transformation to then Arrancar.

Skalyx gained newly obtained shapeshifting powers and with them, he used his cunning, small blades, and his powers to obtain familiars, to outsmart the entire Espada, and taking them out before they even knew what was going on, which ended up in him being the number one espada.
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PostSubject: Re: Skalyx the Primera Arrancar   Wed Oct 21, 2009 2:14 am

First off we have a new stats system and class system so you'll need to adjust according

As off now you can't be allowed a second release

Quote :
Name: Regeneration
State: Both
Description: A most notable trait is that fact that he has extremely high speed regeneration. Aki can quickly regenerate any part of his body except for his brain and Internal organs. However, this power also requires that he had sufficient spiritual energy. as such once he regenerations Aki cannot countine with the battle as he is too drained of his energy to put up any decent fight.

why yes thank you for noting my name in your power >.>

Quote :

regenerate quickly afterwards

ok what does that mean? after you familiar dies its supposed to die for good

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PostSubject: Re: Skalyx the Primera Arrancar   Wed Oct 21, 2009 9:50 pm

sorry,you got to follow the new sheets.

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PostSubject: Re: Skalyx the Primera Arrancar   

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Skalyx the Primera Arrancar
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