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 Divisions Description

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PostSubject: Divisions Description   Mon Oct 19, 2009 11:12 pm

This is a rough draft for soul reapers in the 13 court guard squads , we will work the buggs out later.

+20 / -10

1st Division- 10 to six attributes

2nd Division- speed and (agility/evasion) / physical and magical attack

3rd Division- accuracy and (agility/evasion) / Physical Defense and Stamina

4th Division- Magic attack and Stamina / Physical Defense and Speed

5th Division- magic attack and magic defensive / physical attack and defensive

6th Division- physical attack and speed / magical defense and (agility/evasion)

7th Division- magic defense and stamina / physical defense and magic attack

8th Division- magic attack and speed / physical defense and accuracy

9th Division- Physical attack and (agility/evasion) / physical defense and accuracy

10th Division- physical and magic attack / physical and magic defense

11th Division- physical attack and defense / magic attack and defense

12th Division- (agility/evasion) and stamina / physical attack and speed

13th Division- Physical and magic Defense / magic attack and (agility/evasion)

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Divisions Description
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