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 Day 1: Start of a New Life

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Nonko Ryuuza
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Captain of the 11th Squad

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PostSubject: Day 1: Start of a New Life   Sun Oct 18, 2009 5:17 pm


Those were the first words in my head when I awoke from my slumber. I lay in the dirt, face down, thinking of stars. What was I thinking? I could have at least though of where I was, but instead I thought of stars. Still, when I finally turned over and looked up at the dark night sky, stars stared back at me. That brought a smile to my face, knowing that there was one thing that was familiar in this new place. Trees surrouned me on both sides, casting deep shadows on my body. It took me a few minutes to finally figure out how to work my limbs again. Once I did, I hopped up like a new man, with a big smile on my face and set off down the road.

After a few hours, I came upon a town. By this time night was turning to day and people were moving about their business. They brushed against me as I made my way into an inn. I can still remember the inns name today, rather vividly actually. The sign hanging from the inn had a horse dancing around it read, "The Prancing Pony". Oh how I laughed when I saw the name. The inn keeper was a big man, with a round stomach and a balding head. All the same, he was a nice man, who treated me like his long lost son. I asked him if I could stay here for awhile and he told me I could. I told the man I had no money and he said it was ok, I could work for my food and bed. The nights after this would become interesting....

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Day 1: Start of a New Life
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