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 Obeying Rules In Character

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PostSubject: Obeying Rules In Character   Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:18 am

Obeying is BIG, if you fail to listen to a higher rank of your race such as officer of a higher seat, Bount leader, Quincy leader or higher ranked Espada. This will be the only punishment. DEATH TO YOU CHARACTER! you will have to fight a 1 vs 3. The ranking officer that ordered you to fight will decide who it will be and if you survive or not. This means if you do not obey an order to go on a mission or fight someone, you will be punished. Clans decide there own punishment. If you refuse to FIGHT in the 1 vs 3 or refuse punishment. your character will be killed off and you will have to make a new one. If the commanding officer say you have to be a slave for a week. The rest of the FULL WEEK seven real days, you have to make a 500 word post in you journal what you did for the commanding officer. if you refuse this, your character is in jail until further notice. Other members can brake you out of jail, but have to have two members of the same race to witness it so they can stop you. Same with hunting you down. You have to be present if the are about to capture you.

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Obeying Rules In Character
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