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 Espada Arrancar Guide Lines

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PostSubject: Espada Arrancar Guide Lines   Fri Oct 16, 2009 12:11 am

Plan and simple, and Arrancar can challenge Espada # 10 and #9. logicly, any high there would be no way to win. To obtain a spot, the Arrancar either can Fight to the Death, or be hand pick by his FELLOW ESPADA! and soul reaper admins or mod can't vote. All Active Espada must vote for a Arrancar. The vote happens if there is an open spot.


Both members have to agree to fighting, if the Arrancar wins. The espadas app goes in teh grave yard and has to make a new app. If the Espada win. The Arrancar's app goes in the grave yard and the Espada can make ONE new technique, or trade it for 5 stat points.

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Espada Arrancar Guide Lines
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