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Espada #0

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PostSubject: New? ---> Click here   Thu Oct 15, 2009 5:19 pm

Heya! Welcome to Bleach Equilibrium. Glad you decided to hang out with us, I'm sure we'll all be good friends.

If you clicked here, obviously...that means you're new, and therefore you have no idea what the HECK you are doing as far as getting started with your character. This is the part where I come and give you this rather conveniently placed help guide, because

So, just follow this guide to help you get started. It's full of little hints and tricks, and the basic stuff.

First off, I want to tell you that this is not a video game. There are no videos, just you, your imagination, and your twiddle hands. You use words to create the picture, kind of like writing a story. That's why they call it Role Playing. The character you control is played by you as if you were typing out a story. You can share thoughts, feelings, and emotions while also interacting with the characters of other members in or out of a combat area.

This website uses the kind of coding with [] <---those brackets. If you try and use a my space coding on here ((like what *I* did when I first got here....)) you'll end up looking idiot.

Use these steps to create your character:

Step One:
Please, read the Site Rules. <<((CLICK)) It has all the Rules that you need to follow in order to not get in trouble with me or any of the other Moderators or Admins.

Step Two : Make your character.
Go down to Character Creation <--((CLICK)) and click on Character. After you fill out the template to your pleasure, post it and one of the Admins will get back to you. MAKE SURE THAT YOU FOLLOW THE TEMPLATE!!!!

Step Three: Weapons, kido, and tecs, oh my!
To get your Gear, Kido, Tecs, journal entries or level up request you will have to make each of them separately and get them approved. You can't use anything in Role Playing unless it's been approved by a Moderator, an Admin. Please remember the rules, Espada cannot make gears or kido and have limits on the number of tecs they can have, soul reapers can only make two things in gears and have limited amount of kidos they can pick so pick carefully etc

Push the Linky for directions

Kido <--- Click
Gear<--- Click
Techniques<--- Click
Journal<--- Click
Level Request<--- Click
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New? ---> Click here
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