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 Akki Konju 12th squad captain

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Captain of the 12th Squad
Captain of the 12th Squad

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PostSubject: Akki Konju 12th squad captain   Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:59 pm


Name: Akki Konju

Age: Actual 420 Looks 19

Gender: Female

Division/Clan: 12

Position: Captain/Head of science department

Akki is a very pretty girl. she has long black hair that falls down to he back of her knees and black eyes that are like pools of darkness that the very light seems to shy away from. She stands at 5ft 4incshes tall and is very slender and lean with a little muscle definition. Akki's dress sense is very gothic, she normally likes to wear a black satin gothic dress and elbow length black lacey gloves on her feet are black heeled platform shoes with ribbons that snake up her legs. Around her throat she has a ribbon choker that has a cross hanging from it. Akki has a lot of peircings her whole left ear peirced, her nose has a hoop, her right eyebrow is peirced so is her septim (Between the nostrils) and the middle of her lip. On her right arm she has a tatoo of a dragon snaking from the shoulder down to her wrist and on left arm she has a phoenix surrounded by black flames. All of Akki's makeup from eyeshadow to lip stick is pure black.

When she smiles which is very very rare it can be seen that Akki has had her teeth filed down and sharpened to look like that of a bount they are purely for the effect of fear and scaring people. Akki's finger nails are long and also sharp but her hands are normally covered by her long gloves. Akki has modified her being slightly her left eye is mechanical and can zoom in by 10 time magnification, it also has an infra red and night vision mode. She has also modded her left hand with Various tools in the fingers
Thumb:Rotatin saw
MiddleFinger:Mini hacksaw
RingFinger:Mini Syringe

Personality: There is only one word to describe Akki and that is Insane. Akki is mad in many ways she has a love for science that goes much deeper than simple things she loves to cut things open to find out how they tick, she is also classed as clinically insane and unsafe meaning she has no problem with causing pain and torturing things in what she will call the name of science, she had a deep need for knowledge and do what it it will take to get it.

Akki is a cold and uncaring individual she has a problem letting anyone get close to her because of trust issues. Akki likes to spend time on her own and do alot of thinking . she is a girl of little words and will only talk when she feels it is truely necessary.

Akki has a bit of a temper on her and will snap at the slightest thing she also has a tendancy to go in a strop for several days when things dont go as she wishes them to go. She can also be a bit paranoid from time to time thinking people are talking about her when they aren't this can normally lead to a large fight which either injures her or kills the other person very rarely is it the first seeing as most people she attacks are human.







Zanpakuto Name: Cherubael

Zanpakuto Looks: While normal Akki's Zanpaktou looks like an average Katana however the top of the hilt can be removed to unveil a storage comapartment.

Zanpakuto Description: Akki's Zanpaktou gives her power over shadow it allows her to control and bend any shadow to her will as long as it is within a 30ft radius.

Released Zanpakuto Description: When released Akki can use any shadow within a 30ft radius and use them to unleash some serious attacks

Name:Shadow step
Description: Since Akki cannot use Kido she cannot use Shunpo this is someting Cherubael has gotten round by having this ability it allows Akki to move with the speed of a shadow making it similar to the Shinigami Shunpo or Espada Sonido

Cooldown 4 posts

Name: Shadow blast
Description: Akki can focus a blast of pure shadow down her Zanpaktou the blast does not actual damage to people but is powerful enough in force to knock someone back or in the case of buildings or inanimate object break or damage them

Cool down 2 posts

Name:Binding Shadows
Description: Bends the shadows to create a twisting flow of shadow to wrap around the enemy/opponent and bind them in place although someone with great power can easily break free those of Vice captain level or above will have not even be affect by it.

Lasts for 2 posts
Cool down 8 posts

Name:Darkness surround
Description: Using her Zanpaktou channel the Shadow Akki will surround herself with a void of darkness that acts like a shield and can nulify and deflect medium blows or projectiles and when traveling at speed can be used to crash into things to cause damage.

Name:Shadow form
Description: Because of the released state of Akki's Zanpaktou the blade itself is a flow of shadow that moves like smoke (See released desc for more info)

Zanpakuto Release Incantation: Cast your shadow Cherubael

Released Zanpakuto Looks: When released Akki's Zanpaktou is a blade of shadow it looks like a sword hilt with shadow flowing out of it (Eg think of Matsumoto's Heiniko but shadow not sand that what it looks like) the shadow how ever does not just shot up it moves like smoke whispy and will blow all around Akki giving her and air of evil.

Zanpakuto Spirit: Cherubael appears in the form of a human man but with a difference his body is wrapped in several chains and there are ancient runes and markings etched into his body. there are short nub like horns proturding from his head and his hands are knarled and clawed. His eyes are deep red and look like pool of blood, his voice sounds like three people speaking at once and when he speaks it causes head aches that last for days. His teeth are sharp and gnarled and his face constantly twisted in a sneer. he speaks without moving his mouth and it sounds like his voice is in your head and your body seems to shake.

Zanpakuto Realm: Cherubaels realm is just like him dark and twisted it is a place where the laws of physics dont apply the whole landscape is twisted in impossible shapes it is known as a Tetrascape the land doesn't even seem to exist in the 3rd dimension more the 6th or 7th. All around and strange gate like structure put together at impossible angles points that shouldnt meet do these are known as Tetra-Gates. just looking at the Tetrascape and Tetra-gates can cause nausia and in some cases insanity. The ground is uneven although you can be standing on a flat surface and the gravity shifts at random sometime you can feel a light as a feather and the next you are as heavy as a rock in some places nothing exists at the shift is so great
something would float into the air only to be crushed to the ground by imense gravity.

In the center of the nightmare land scape is a skyscraper sized Obolisk that is as wide as it is tall, the obolisk like everything else in the Tetrascape doesn't make sense in the way it is put together yet the surface is smooth and shiny. Atop the obolisk is a small pyramid with an opening within the pyramid is a series of tunnels with pit falls and trap put there to stop anyone who doesn't know the lay out to die quickly the tunnels bring you deep into the belly of the obolisk. At the very bottom is what looks like a dungeon, tortured devices are everywhere and little demon like monsters run around on spindley legs. In the middle of the dungeon is a throne made from the bones and flesh of some unknown creature this is where Cherubael can normally be found.


Bankai Stats





Bankai Description: When in Bankai Akki's speed and strength increase ten fold only those of captain or a very skill lieutenant rank would be able to be a challenge to her she also gains a few extra abilities, the Bankai also create a large ball of Artificial light that floats in the sky creating shadows as if the sun was at its peak.Akki's distance of control also raises to 50ft

Name:Shadow walk
Description: Allows Akki to sink into the shadows and move to any other shadow however this ability does have it restraints the shadow she enters and exits must be big enough to fit her body in and she can only use it 5 times as it is a very draining skill, it also takes a while to prepair for so it cannot be used right after releasing Bankai

Time until use 6 posts
Uses 5 Seperate posts (1 entry and exit per post, entry in one post and exit in another is not possible)

Name:Shadow blades
Description: Akki can form blades of shadow that can be used as projectiles and launched at her enemy/opponent. Because it takes alot of work to create them Akki cannot create any more than 20 blades at one time and then cannot use the ability for a while afterwards the blades also do not last very long

Blades last 4 posts

cool down 10 posts

Bankai Looks: The hilt of the Zanpaktou vanishes and the shadows engulf Akki's whole arm allowing her to control the shadows with the move of a finger. the shadow also become much thicker and darker than it previously was.

Alterations: Nothing major really happend when Bankai is used Shadows flow around Akki's feet and body and a ghost apperition of a chained man appears behind Akki this Apperition is Cherubael and little does Akki know that while in Bankai it is Cherubael that is in control not her.


Akki has no ability in kido for some reason and is in the middle of studying herself to find out why

History and RP Sample

History: Born to a parents who didnt want a child in the first place life from day one for Akki Konju was hard. Akki's mother and father never wanted a child as it was to much responsibility and they were happy living a lazy life . When she was born they almost agreeded to just abandon her somewhere outside of town but Akki's Grandmother got wind of the plan and took her and and decided to raise her as her own. So Akki's grandmother took the baby Akki and brought her to the outskirts of town where she lived with her two pet dogs Mooka and Mulch, there she would raise Akki to be a strong young girl.from the age of 3 Akki was an odd one she spent most of his time on her own or with her Grandmothers dogs, not once did she ever ask about her parents and why her granny was looking after her, she wasnt even slightly curious. Akki enjoyed alone time more than company and would take every opportunity. As she grew she became more of a loner and started to grow even weirder she would come back home form time to time with a new piercing, she started by just getting his nose pierced then her ear lobe when asked where she got them she would reply she did them herself. As time went on she came home more often with peircings.

A few days after Akki's 5th birthday her grandmother decided that it would be a good idea to enroll her into school it might sort her out being taught by others and being round other people. On the same day she was meant to start she found out that her mother died of an illness that had been left unchecked and unnoticed for some time, where most kids would cry and morne Akki started her classes not caring in the slightest but what no one knew is deep down she was hurting she just didnt show it on the surface. Akki didn't find school easy as she didn't have the drive and motivation she would skip classes to hang out in parks doing nothing or she would sit in class and only pay half attention. Despite the fact when she was force to do something she would work harder than anyone else. After a time people started to pick up on Akki's odd ways and weird self by the age of eight she had her whole left ear pierced, her nose and her right eyebrown she also had her septum and her lip done. She had also take up smoking for what reason she never really knew, Her dress sense had also changed she started to wear dark clothing as if she didnt want to be noticed. Her studies were going awful also she was missing almost everyday at school prefering to wander the streets as if looking for trouble.

Ten years of Akki's life had past like the blink of an eye and nothing much had changed Akki was still distant and unwilling to learn, she was skilled in what he was forced to learn which was almost everything but when given the choice between sitting down and learning and being forced by several Teachers it came to being forced. By this point in her life Akki was getting in a lot of trouble with the police but they couldn't do anything as she was still a child . Akki's dress sense by ten was almost morbid, Black clothes, leather trench coats, gothic dresses and trousers many many peircings, huge boots and heels and still she was chain smoking. Her Grandmother at this point was old and very very ill she took little care of her, her class mates had started a pool on how long it would take before Akki was arrested or started a fight she couldn't finish

through the whole thing no one knew how Akki felt she wanted to let people in but she couldn't trust anyone from a young age she knew what her parents did to her and what people thought of her so how could he trust that anyone wouldnt just use her for what they needed then abandon her, the last of the people she cared about was dying and he knew that no matter what she did it wouldnt change anything. Then a minor exam rolled round it took 5 days for a group of 9 teachers to find Akki and drag her to the exam in the end she passed with flying colors as if she could have done it all in her sleep. After the exam she went home to find his grandmother dead in her bed doing the right thing she told the right people so she wasn't left in the house to rot, after she was taken Akki opened a book and started to read her only company now were Mooka and Mulch.

Time passed quite quickly and soon Akki was 16 living on her own was getting hard she was struggling to feed herself and the dogs who were her only family so she decided it was time to go out and find a job two years before she had dropped out of school finding it to much of an effort to go. She wandered town for hours but no one was willing to take her on she looked to weird and she was in class with alot of the shop owners kids and they had mentioned how weird Akki Konju was, then she found a run down little dojo with a crude sign in the window saying 'Cleaner needed'. Akki walked in and found an old man sitting in a rocking chair eating noodles. the old man looked up and smiled Akki spoke to him about the job and was told to come back tommorow that is when she would start.

Morning came to quickly and Akki really didn't want to get up but she knew it she didn't do this she would starve to death so she put alot of effort into getting dressed and going to the dojo as soon as she arrived she was handed a mop and bucket and a list of chores to do. Akki just knuckled down for the first time in her life and got on with it although she wasnt happy with the arrangement. One afternoon Akki was mopping up sweat that had been left from the martial arts class that had just left when she decided she needed to let off some steam so she started to kick and punch the bag that was hanging from the ceiling a loud cough made her stop and turn, behind her stood the old man who ran the dojo, Akki appologised alot but was told not to worry and asked where she learnt to fight like that she explained that she used to get in alot of fight and had to leanr how to defend herself that was when the man said he would train her in something more useful that street fighting provided she didn't go looking for trouble any more, She agreed.

Akki's 18th birthday was a day to remember she had been training with the old man who's name was Shumo for some time now but he was dying old age had finally caught him but as much as she wanted to Akki couldn't shed a tear it was tearing her apart has she become that cold she couldn't feel any more on his death bed Shumo asked Akki to make two promises to him and that was to never Roll over and give up and to never bow down to anyone been her own woman. Akki promised with all her heart but disaster struck that same afternoon on her way home Akki was jumped by some student from a rival dojo normally she would have Shumo to help her but this time she was alone she managed to defend herself for a time but their numbers won out in the end and they beat her until darkness took her she knew that what was mean to be was meant to be

Time in Soul Society
Akki awoke with a start Shumo was staring her in the face she sat up and shook her head it had all been a bad dream Shumo was fine and neither of them was dead, then she looked at her surroundings she didn't recognise where she was Shumo just smiled at her and started to explain the stories he was told as a kid about a place beyond death where spirits live that is where they were he also mentioned that he was sorry that she had died and after being told how it happened he cried and appologised for not being there to defend her. Akki would continue to train with Shumo for a long time as it was all she knew until one day when she was out and about she bumped into a man in a black outfit, the man snapped straight away and launched himself at her not caring if she was a girl or not. Akki used everything she knew to fend him off and knock him on his butt. the man dusted himself off and left with more than just hid ego bruised. The to top things off another young man caught up with her this one though didnt want to fight he told her of Shinigami and their academy and asked her to come along. Of course she agreed when she heard she could continue to fight.

(Being a Shinigami)
Things weren't good from the word go Akki slipped back into her old ways when she found out the Shinigami Academy was just like being back at school and soon she was missing lectures and training and hanging around she had even found out she could get smokes here and started that again after 2 years of not smoking and now she was back to being dragged to classes and forced to do work, the only class she was excused from what Kido because it was found out quickly that for some reason unknown Akki couldn't use kido but this didn't mean she could slack off she was forced to take extra classes in other things which annoyed her to no end, the only time she found any interested is when she was asked if she had been having dreams
and hearing voices she didnt know what to say she hadn't mentioned it to anyone incase they thought she was going mad but she told her teacher the whole story that is when she was told about Zanpaktou and spirits and she knew the sword she carried with her was not just any ordinary sword when she learnt its name it would give her power.

One night Akki was having a restless sleep and a bad dream she was tossing in turning. In her dream she was in a vast land that made her very very very ill she couldnt stop throwing up and no matter how far she walked or sometime she had to crawl because of the immense gravity she seemed to get no farther from her started point then a voice boomed across the land and before she knew it a great black obolisk sped towards her then Akki was standing in a dungeon surrounded by Little creatures before her in a crude looking throne stood the most horrific thing she had ever seen then he spoke it sounded like he was in her head or her very soul her whole body convulsed as he spoke to her telling her that he was known a Cherubael and he was going to help her become more powerful than anyone could imagine without having to do much. This appealed to Akki's nature and she was happy then she awoke, her night dress was stained with vomit and he head pounded and did so for 3 whole days, ever night Cherubael came to her in her dreams and every night
she would awake to a headache and vomit. The she relised this being in her dreams was her Zanapktou speaking to her.

After a time Akki was finally given the rank of full Shinigami and placed in a squad where she quickly rose through the ranks getting to 2nd seat. Akki was glad of her place in the world but still wasn't happy with the work she was doing or the clothes that Shinigami were made to wear she missed her style and felt like she was being made into a clone of someone else made to do and wear the same as everyone.
Akki stopped complaining once when she was asked to go to the human world and take on a Hollow, this was meant to go to the lieutenant but he was busted up after the last hollow she took care of Akki didn't grumble and went straight away to the human world.

The park was dark and the low growl was the only thing that told Akki she wasn't alone. the Hollow stepped from the shadows and into the small amount of light is cackled at her and charged Akki didn't miss a heart beat she drew her Zanpaktou and called on its power "Cast your shadow Cherubael" the fact that all that surrounded the Hollow was shadow and he now stood in light it was the fight one sided and easy utilizing her Zanpaktou's ability to bend shadow to her will she quickly bound the Hollow in place and destroyed it. When Akki returned to seritei with the news of her missions success she was met by a grave faced Captain, her Lieutenant had died from his injuries and with a heavy heart she was raised to his now open rank.

Mission after mission training after training Akki went on and she grew tried and distant from everyone she never visited Shumo any more and she didnt even mind not seeing her old master Shinigami life was getting tiresome for her however.

After a while of being bored something came to her attention something about her current captain he had an odd illness and she wanted to know what and got permission to find out what. In the end her captain died which gave Akki a chance to disect him and she reveled in it she got to pull him apart just to find out what the weird illness was incase it was contagous. Soon Akki was appointed the position of captain and head of the science department which suited her fine she could easily further her studies this way.

RP Sample: The Moon shone bright this fine night the stars were shining and not a cloud was in the sky everything was quiet. A young girl no older than eighteen was walking alone through the park, the moon made for good light and cast shadows over the benches and bent them around trees, a rustle to the left made the girl start she spun to look but no one seemed to be there so the girl continued to walk again a rustle this time the girl sped up her pace, suddenly a man jumped out of the bushes straight towards her, the girl stood there as if frozen in fear as the man landed and started to barrel towards her she quickly side stepped and thrust her leg out and into his stomach the man folded in half and dropped down clutching his gut, then insanely
strong arms gripped the girl from behind she squirmed in the vice like grip of the great gorrilla of a man holding her yet she did not scream instead she thrust her head back catching the man in the chest i released hi grip just enough for her to draw something from her side, a spray of blood covered the park floor as the gorrilla man dropped down dead, within the blink of an eye the girl was surrounded by a gang of thug's wielding crude weapons, metal pipes, bats with nails in them and all she had was her sword in her hand but she grinned

"Hey girl why not drop the knife and be a good girl" said one of them men grinning through his teeth which had many gaps in it
the girl didn't back down
"My name is Akki Konju and if you or your goons try anything you will all be lying in a pool of you own blood and will walk away"
This got a laugh from the gang of thugs then one of them shot forward, in a swift movement that thug lost an arm then his left leg, Chaos broke loose the whole gang at least 30 bodies charged into the fray. Akki didn't flinch she focused and parried blow after blow taking out thug after thug until on she and the gang leader stood face to face. was was at least 2 feet taller than she was an built like a tank as he laughed at her his whole body shook, he then pulled a sword of his own, Akki went white.

"You- you're no thug you are a Shinigami aren't you" Said Akki recognising a Zanpaktou when she saw one. the man nodded
"Well done you know it took me a long time to track you down miss Konju you are a hard lady to find" he said with a grin then in the blink of an eye he was upon her Akki nearly didnt block the slash and even then her arm started to shake and tingle at the size of the impant from blade on blade. Akki darted backwards she was breathing hard since she was still tired from the fight with the gang of goons

"Cast you shadow Cherubael" The blade of Akki's Zanpaktou vanished in the dim light it was hard to make out that the blade had been replaced with whispy shadow like smoke, shadow that was slowly creeping towards the Shinigami, in an instant it grasped him holding him in place but not for not he quickly broke free and restarted his assault, Akki was pushed harder than she had even been before and she though she might die here, then the headache inducing voice of Cherubael echoed in her very soul "B-A-N"
The Shinigami stopped as Shadow started to engulf Akki's arm and wrap around her feet
"K-A-I she finished for Cherubael, The Shinigami's eyes were wide he had seen many bankai before but never had he seen something like this behind Akki floating like a ghost was the most horrible thing he has ever seen and as Akki moved it mimiced he wondered who was the puppet and who was the puppet master. he had dropped his guard for to long a hail of shadow shot towards him shredding him clothes and flesh and severing his right arm at the elbow,then Akki vanished dropped straight into the ground no not the ground but into a shadow and instant later she was behind the Shinigami Shink the Shinigami's head hit the ground with a sickening thunk, Akki dropped to one knee exausted and in need for rest her favourite dress was covered in blood and she was still 5 blocks from home this night was not good at all. She stood looked around before replacing Cherubael in his sheith and heading home for a long bath, before leaving she lit a smoke and took a long draw on it exhaling in releaf
"God i needed that" she said to herself

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Espada #0

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PostSubject: Re: Akki Konju 12th squad captain   Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:19 pm

Quote :
When in Bankai Akki's speed and strength increase ten fold

Err i’m hoping that only means your adding ten points to that cause i don’t think your allowed to multiply it all by 10

Whats the cool down posts number for shadow walk?

And please add the number of stats when you enter banki just so its not hidden from anyone
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Captain of the 12th Squad
Captain of the 12th Squad

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PostSubject: Re: Akki Konju 12th squad captain   Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:43 pm

Ok edited ^_^
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Espada #0

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PostSubject: Re: Akki Konju 12th squad captain   Thu Oct 15, 2009 2:51 pm

alright good work

approved hun ^_^ Aki to Akki XD
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PostSubject: Re: Akki Konju 12th squad captain   

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Akki Konju 12th squad captain
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