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 Journal Rule's

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Espada #0

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PostSubject: Journal Rule's   Thu Oct 15, 2009 1:56 am

-Only a SINGLE post per DAY AT MOST
-since your writing about your characters life though the site put some decent effort in it and don’t be lazy
-make it enjoyable to read and for other people to read as a fun story ( and so help me should any of you spam one liners to up your post count -_-)
-no commenting on others journal unless you really have something important to say
- There no hurry to post every single day, should you want to rpg a while longer before posting an entry just to make it interesting the all the power to you post whenever you like
-Writing an entry or even making a journals is not mandatory its just for fun
- your entry of the day post can be any length you wish, 500 words. 1000000 words or even 250 words is fine, just try to make it into a rreal entry. You wouldn't put in a boring page in your life story right? Nope
-have fun looking back at your history XD
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Journal Rule's
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