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 Hikaru Ichinomiya: Quincy Leader!

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PostSubject: Hikaru Ichinomiya: Quincy Leader!   Wed Oct 14, 2009 7:20 pm

Characters History
History: Hikaru doesn't have much of a history, seeing that he is only 10. The quincy extermination was not a hard thing for him to survive. He wasn't born yet. When Hikaru was born 10 years ago, his father left them, saying that the Quincy were animals. He thought Quincy were dirt. Hikaru's mom thought otherwise. She trained Hikaru with all her might. Hikaru loved being a Quincy. His Mom loved it.

One day at the age of 9 while training Hikaru's father came back. Hikaru and his mom were not happy to see him. He had a wound on his chest that seemed to put his life in danger. Hikaru and his mom rushed over to hear his final words. "Long live the Qunicy." Those words were the final breaths of his fathers. Hikaru was determined to find his fathers killer,assuming it was a soul reaper, he walked around town only to find human life, no soul reapers to be found.

Hikaru walked aimlessly as his mom tried to find him. She search franticly, looking around every corner, every building only to find Hikaru sitting on a park bench crying, the loss of his father left Hikaru with only pain. When the mother went to get her son, a hollow appeared. The mom was not ready, and the hollow slashed at her arm. The blood was traumatizing and she fell to the ground. Hikaru jumped up and ran to his mother, screaming and crying, hoping she was ok. The hollow dashed in for hikaru when his mom yelled "Watch out!" Hikaru watched as the hollow was aiming for him, ready to kill. He stood still in shock, he had no clue what to do. Then the words of his father rang in his mind. "Long live the Qunicy." Hikaru stood brave as the hollow reached closer and closer. Hikaru trusted on his instinct alone and pointed at the hollow "Die Monster!" Hikaru's hands come together and the left is pulled back from his other hand, he is stanced and ready to shoot. The arrow grows and grows as Hikaru's anger from his fathers death builds up inside him. Hikaru remembers nothing after that. All he remembers is walking around looking for his mother. As the rest of the stories told, Hikaru lives around the world looking for as many Quincy's as he can, for one day they shall rise up again.


Name: Hikaru Ichinomiya

Age: 10



Fighting style: Hikaru is very taticial. He thinks about his every move, before he acts.

Personality: Hikaru is a cool fun loving kid who is crazy! Hikaru loves to have fuN! However when things get serious so does Hikaru.

Level: Leader

Class: Jack all trades


Name: Saints Arc

Bow Manifestation:

Description: Saints Arc is a fast firing bow.

Looks: When Hikaru Ichinomiya unleashes his bow, He looks 16 He becomes the image of himself when he grows up.


Name: Holy Guard
Description: Hikaru fires an arrow that becomes a sheild to protect him.

Name: White Rain
Description: Fires an arrow straight up, that copys itself 10x and falls onto the enemies. The trail of light makes it look like rain.

Name: Hunters Moon
Description: Hikaru fires an arrow that explodes into ten arrows into the shape of a moon. Then the arrows come back to the first target. cooldown 3 posts

Name: White Cross
Description: Hikaru shoots an arrow up, and it comes down on the target pinning them to the ground. cooldown 2 posts

Name: Saints Gravitation
Description: Hikaru shoots an arrow below him, and creates a magic circle around him. If anyone touchs the circle besides Hikaru, The spot explodes. cooldown 3 posts

Name: Twin Arrow Blades
Description: Hikaru grabs his bow by the center, and he rips it into two short arrow blades. He can throw them, but they do not come back to him until he goes and grabs them. cooldown 2 posts

Name: Angel's Cradle
Description: Hikaru shoots an arrow at a Vizard Mask's. Shatters the mask and they can't use their mask till the cooldown ends. Hikarus cooldown is 10 posts.

Name: Quincy's Roots
Description: Hikaru shoots an arrow below his enemy. Were ever the arrow lands, root grow from the ground that grab the enemy's legs. cooldown 2 posts

Name: Azure Heavens
Description: Hikaru jumps into the air. He shoots his arrows with rapid fire percision, the faster he shoots the weaker each arrow is.

Name: Quincy Wings
Description: Hikaru grows wings out of his bow. he can fly for 7 posts. cooldown 10 posts.

Name: Heavenly Eye
Description: Hikaru changes the terrain around him. This does not do damage.

Name: Heavens Tear
Description: Hikaru becomes overwhelmed with emotions and starts to cry, this heals his wounds.

Name: Quincy's Glaive
Description: Hikaru throws his bow like a boomarang. The bow will come back and as its flying at the target, it shoots arrows along the way. does not shoot arrow into the air.

Name: Extinctions End
Description: Hikaru powers up a giant arrow that can peirce a hole into any enemies shield. It takes 2 full posts to power up and by the 3rd post he can destroy any barricade or any person. If hikaru misses, he can't use this attack for the rest of the fight.

Stat Points

Physical Strength:- 24

Physical Defensive:- 25+10=35

Magic Attack:- 24+10=34

Magic Defense:- 25

Speed:- 27+10=37

Agility/Evasion:- 25+10=35

Stamina:- 25+10=35

Accuracy: 25+10=35

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PostSubject: Re: Hikaru Ichinomiya: Quincy Leader!   Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:26 pm


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PostSubject: Re: Hikaru Ichinomiya: Quincy Leader!   Sat Oct 24, 2009 7:45 pm

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PostSubject: Re: Hikaru Ichinomiya: Quincy Leader!   

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Hikaru Ichinomiya: Quincy Leader!
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