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PostSubject: READ BEFORE JOINING!!!!!   Wed Oct 14, 2009 12:35 am

The rules are basic and are as followed, and are placed here for people to have fun.

GOLDEN RULE: I've had lots of problems with this, peole thinking they are king cause there stats. THIS GOES FOR STAFF TOO, treat everyone and anyone with the same respect. NO FAVORITES STAFF!

NO GOD-MODING: this includes unstopable techiques, kidos, and weapons. I've had problems with this rule on other sites and will not stand for it. On the other hand, If the #0 espada with a total of 95 stats fights a rouge. I expect the rouge to get slaughtered. This includes someone with 30 speed can hit someone with 20 speed cause they dodge everything. Admins will tell you to edit your post.

NO META GAMING: This means you can't use stratagies or ideas that you CHARACTER doesnt know about. meaning if someone is hiding there spiritual pressure, you cant find them, unless you Accuracy is high. or if someone is a hollow and is trying to hide it, you cant instantly know they are a hollow.

KEEP IT PG-13: cursing, sexual conversation, and bullying is not tollerated what so ever. And i mean dont call people names, you can say "damn he got me" or "You bastard ill kill you" while posting. anything else is not exceptable. If I catch anyone calling anyone anything bad cause they dont like the way things happened. Instant ban for one day, NO SECOND CHANCES. Two strikes your out.

Please, no plagerism: unless you stat in a (OOC:) topic giving the person credit for there OWN work.

Accounts: If an Admin see's you a good RPer and you have good post, you may have a second account. However, if your first account is a Espada, Vaizard or Soul Reaper, you have to be a Bount, Quincy, Human or Mod Soul. You can not have a Soul Reaper, Vaizard or a Espada.

•No Hollows/Vizards/Arrancers may attack the Soul Society without permission from an Administrator and no Shinigami may attack Hueco Mundo without permission. This rule is taken seriously, Please don't break it.

•Deathmatches can be done at all times. Here is a tip for you if you don't agree with this. If you don't want to die, DON'T JOIN A TOPIC WITH SOMEONE THAT WAN'TS TO KILL YOU. If you don't want certain people to join, Post who you do want in the topic in the title and then put only.

For Example: A Day of Fun -[Bob Only]-

Even if you don't care who join's but you still don't want fighting, you can put that in the title as well.

For Example: A Day of Fun -[Open, No Killing]-

If stuff like this isn't added to the title, it's an open to anyone. The staff will not listen to your reasons, so you should always remember this.

Word Count: In the title, if you put [No word count] That is ok, but

NO ONE LINE POSTS Still atempt to make 5-6 sentences

If you give staff any lip, cursing, or taunting. Well, you'll get what you ask for.

I've never seen this before but I'm putting it out there anyways NO DISCRIMINATION OR RACISM!
no making fun of color, gays, religions, gender, or age...... yes age. If you have problems with this, keep it to yourself or goodbye. THIS IS YOUR ONLY WARNING!

If you have any problems with my rules Click Here
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