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 Xbox 360:Lost Odyssey

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PostSubject: Xbox 360:Lost Odyssey   Thu Dec 03, 2009 5:44 pm

This game has one of the best story lines in played in a long time. The graphics are great, the combat is fun and the character personalities flow with each other. Kaim Argonar is the main character, he is an Immortal who has lost his memories. Throught the game you recolect them and find old friends that are good and bad, and pick up new ones along the way. This game has fun mini games and a lot of side quests. You can make ring that help you with your attack, learn abilites from mortals, and the achievements are both hard and easy. Im on the last of four discs and I've played it for about a week or two and am almost done with the game. But rumor has it that when you play the game a second time, the story line changes. This game is awsome and I recommend this to anyone who likes RPG games.

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Xbox 360:Lost Odyssey
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