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 Just another day in the life of a soul reaper (Open, no killing)

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PostSubject: Just another day in the life of a soul reaper (Open, no killing)   Wed Nov 18, 2009 12:33 am

Kazeshini walked around aimlessly as not many people were out and about. The time felt right as he sat next to the first tree he saw. "This place seems dead, no one comes around much. I guess there are so many new things going around, this place is deserted. I guess all I can do if wait."
Sitting next to the tree he looked into the sky, every cloud caught his eye in one way or another. The breeze was calm but the heat still could hold one temp. The sound of people moving around turned to crickets and all Kazeshini could do was wonder were everyone was. Hr tried so hard to fill the shoes as CC that he forgot the main key to being sucessfull, the people around him. Without them the idea of running the Seireitei was pointless and he would turn into a mear shadow. "I guess this wasnt my time." Kazeshini bowed his head in misery as he listened to the day turn to night.

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Just another day in the life of a soul reaper (Open, no killing)
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