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 Ichimura, Kira [WIP]

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PostSubject: Ichimura, Kira [WIP]   Sat Oct 31, 2009 2:17 pm

Characters History

History: (Describe your character growing up in the Soul Society, nothing before you die cause soul reapers can't remember there human life.)


Characters Name: Ichimura, Kira.


Appear: 19.

Gender: Male.

Home Land: Sereitei.


Generally a quiet person, there is hardly anything ever spoken by the vanilla-skinned individual. Instead of speaking when responding to people, he'll simply show that he acknowledges them by staring at them with his eyes. However there are rare exceptions, such as when a member of his division or superior is speaking to Kira directly, there will be short, but verbal responses for them. Along with not speaking to anyone he doesn't care for, Kira rarely exhibits regular emotions. Even acts of bloodshed don't seem to phase him in the slightest, unless of course, it's his own. In the rare event that his own blood is spilled forcibly by someone else's will, is when he will act out and kill or severely injure the culprit in retaliation.

Position/Clan: Lieutenant.

Squad/Class: 2nd Divsion.

Fighting Style:

By giving up raw physical strength, along with proficiency with offensive-type kido, he has trained himself to be one of the near perfect assassins. His specializations include speed and accuracy. Speed, in conjunction with his zanpakutou enables him to lacerate his opponent with a multitude of strikes, filling in where strength lacks. He tends to fight with unarmed attacks initially, against equal or weaker opponents. In the rare occasions that leave him with no other option, Kira will draw his sword and inevitably release his shikai, and other abilities at his disposable if required. While he can only use a few offensive-type kido, Kira is capable of using binding techniques.

Stat Points
150 / 150 - 2nd Division

Physical Strength: 20 - (10) = 10 / Bankai = 25

Physical Defensive: 10 / Bankai = 25

Magic Attack: 20 - (10) = 10 / Bankai = 25

Magic Defense: 10 / Bankai = 25

Speed: 35 + (20) = 55 / Bankai = 70

Agility/Evasion: 25 + (20) = 45 / Bankai = 60

Stamina: 10 / Bankai = 25

Accuracy: 20 / Bankai = 45

Zanpakuto Basics

Zanpakuto's Name: Kage (lit. Shadow)

Zanpakuto's Specifications: Every time an opponent's blood is drawn, the blade begins to gradually grow black in color, raising it's cutting power. (Physical Strength is increased by 1 for every successful strike, until reaching a peak of +10 bonus, effect wears off after battle or activation of shikai.)

Element: Darkness.

Zanpakuto's Picture: [x]

Zanpakuto's Release Incantaion: Kuikorosu, Kage. (Devour, Shadow.)


Zanpakuto's Released Specifications:

Dark Shroud:
Every cut against his opponent places a small amount of his dark reaitsu into their system, without their knowing. This reaitsu begins to alter their eyesight, but to do so requires a total of five successful slashes against his opponent, drawing blood. Kira then summons a black-colored shroud of mist around himself, which would be clearly visible to the normal eye, but is completely invisible to the ones being affected by Kira's reaitsu. Of course, this means that such a technique would only be mostly useful in a one on one fight. The only time the effected opponent can see him is when he removes his limbs to attack his opponent, making only the most skilled in perception able to perform such a feat.

Zanpakuto's Spirit: Dark cloaked man, bearing the same weapons as Kira.

Zanpakuto's Realm: [x]

Zanpakuto's Released Looks: [x]

Bankai Name:

Bankai Abilites: (what happens when you release your bankai, and what powers)

Transformations: (What changes on your looks when Bankai is used, may not apply)

Bankai Looks: (what your Zanpakuto looks like in Bankai state.)


Name: (The name of you Kido)

Number: (The number of your Kido.)

Type: (Binding or Destruction)

Elemental Power: (The element of your Kido.)

Incantation: (The incantation you speak to cast the Kido/or do you not need one for this)

Requirments: (Rank, seat, stats)

Specifications: (Effect.)
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Ichimura, Kira [WIP]
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