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 Calvin Farrin[WIP]

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Calvin-Voiced By: Kiff Kroker

Giteisho Hametsu-Voiced By:Duke Nukem

Name: Calvin Farrin
Alias: Jumpy, Scared-O, Mad Scientist, Twitchy
Age Of Death: N/A
Age Of Appearance: 29
Real Age:290
Gender: Male
Current Residence: 12th Squad Labs
Squad Number: 12

Swordsmanship/Hand to Hand
Below Average
In the Academy, Calvin was well known for his poor swordsmanship. It wasn't that he didn't try so much as he just wasn't good at it. The best he can do is block. As far as defense goes he can hold up against a great deal of attacks. Though as far as attacking goes he is more liable to swing his damn sword upside down than how he should swing it. It's obvious that Calvin is definitely not a melee fighter what so ever and because of this he was often bullied by the 11th Squad.

Above AverageWhere Calvin lacks in the swordsmanship department, he shines in Kidou. Thought of a prodigy by his teachers, Calvin delighted in secretely snickering behind those 11th Squad apes' backs. At first the Kidou training was rough but he adapted to it so superbly by the first month in his using of Kidou seldom ended in failure. As far as Kidou went, Calvin was number one in ranking from his class. It was well thought that he would go into the Kidou Corps. Those who thought that were rather wrong.

Slightly Above AverageNow one might think a scrawny 12th Squad member would have no use for Shunpo. Well Calvin does. Why does he love to utilize this? Because it gets him out of a fight faster than running! By being able to get around quicker in a fight, if he has to fight, Calvin has the option of using more kidou without the fear of people getting in close to attack.


A Shy,Nervous Wreck
These are the best words to describe Calvin. It isn't so much that he is a loner or that he doesn't like people so much as he is afraid of them. Not because they will judge him or beat him up but because of the fact he just gets nervous when someone looks at him. When he speaks it is mostly him breathing in rapid succession and stuttering, causing a simple conversation to almost be a challenge. Not so much for Calvin but the poor sap who has to listen to him. As far as women go, he fears them more than he fears fighting Hollow. There is no real explanation why he is so terrified of females but one thing is for sure, if a female Shinigami who has her collarbones exposed even talks to Calvin he is liable to pass out on the spot. In fact, that's one of his coping mechanisms. Fainting from something like a girl talking to him or a stressful situation is his body's way of rebooting

Mad Scientist,Scrapper
In the labs, Calvin is an actual serious worker. From a young age he was gifted with the ability to turn junk into a working and functioning item. Of all things possible, Calvin is best at engineering and creating random objects. Over the years he has made several items to help not just him, but his allies win seemingly impossible odds when it comes to fighting Hollow. With all this being said, it isn't rare to see Calvin digging in the scrap piles in the labs and taking things apart for components to make something new. His creations are far and wide and one thing is for sure, those who take Calvin lightly for his work in the labs often flee in terror at the destruction of his creations.

Calvin is a very hyper guy. Often believed to have over dosed on coffee or caffeine pills and ate too much candy afterwards, it's just how he is(He sure does eat a lot of candy though). Others may find it annoying and more than likely he is. When he comes up with blueprints for a new invention or figures out how to modify an already made creation, Calvin can go bonkers. When that extremely wide grin begins to form, that means he's usually got something planned. While others might find it rather creepy(And it actually is a creepy grin), Calvin's fellow Scientists know that he is up to something good.

Peaceful and Nice
While Calvin would rather be sitting in the labs, creating some new device or building more of what he knows already, he realized that at one point or another he would have to fight Hollow. Because of his pacifist like nature, Calvin hates fighting. He is only willing to fight under a few circumstances. The first is if it the attacker is a Hollow, unless it is also peaceful in nature and would rather not fight. The second is if someone comes after him. Everyone deserves a chance to being talked down and Calvin tries. Then again, he's not that great at talking to others so this usually ends in an epic fail. With his pacifism comes his very good natured self. Calvin is extremely respectful and polite. Even if he nudges someone while walking, he will apologize and as frieghtened as he may seem from the overreacted ordeal he always tries to act sincere.

Combat Expert?
Most people think that Calvin is such an expert at combat with his Shikai and his creations when really, Calvin always goes into a fight expecting something to go wrong. Someone will be in the wrong place at the wrong time, his Shikai will malfunction. Overly pessimistic at the start, the moment something right happens a whole new person shines past the frigid scientist. He unknowingly stops his stuttering and stammering halts. His eyes shine with hope and he wears a confident grin. When Calvin turns into this fierce warrior, with as fierce as a scientist can get, all of his foes should be wary.


  • Techno
  • Candy
  • Animals
  • Engineering
  • Robotics
  • Cybernetics
  • Computers
  • Messing with gadgets
  • Tinkering
  • Inventing
  • Conversing about science
  • Making his inventions better
  • Fixing his inventions
  • The taste of oil
  • Girls


  • Talking to girls
  • Being jumped at so he twitches or winces from it
  • Anything that tastes bland
  • Being sneaked up on
  • Someone taking an idea of his
  • Running behind schedule
  • Sleeping
  • Having to make his inventions
  • Misplacing a tool
  • Finding the tool that was missing then losing another one
  • Nightmares
  • The Eleventh Squad
  • Any sort of music that isn't Techno

Physical Appearance:
Looking for components

Life in Rukongai
Born in the more moderate districts of Rukongai, Calvin was birthed to two humble parents. Both of their professions were tinkerers and his father had many jobs as a carpenter. Now the reason why Calvin's name is Calvin is simply because every name his parents tried to give him several names yet every time they called him by that he would just cry louder and louder than the previous name. With the Nameless baby laying in his crib and crying, his father was reading the comics of a newspaper the Father's friend brought back from the Human World(He was a Shinigami you see and enjoyed comics a great deal). Upon reading the name Calvin, from the Calvin and Hobbs comic, the baby stopped crying and began to laugh. This led to several tests. They called him by one of the names they wanted to give him and he began to cry. After that they would say the name Calvin, and he would laugh!

As unorthodox as that name was, the parental units decided that he should be named Calvin. As odd as that was, the baby loved it. There was nothing more awkward growing up to have friends whose names were mostly Japanese and his name came from a comic strip. He was teased and made fun of but he always stated that at least his name was famous for something. There was also something really weird about Calvin...He really liked to come up with strange inventions and tinker with stuff he really shouldn't be messing with. Making spring-loaded as well as trip-wire based traps was something that always got him in trouble. Calvin would catch his friends in the traps and laugh at them, calling out their inferior intellegience and saying always saying how they couldn't understand how the traps worked so that's why they worked every time!

By the time he was literally starting to fully develop into a teenager, Calvin had successfully traded on the streets for junk. Scrap parts from the 12th Division that were thrown out. No one could figure out why he would retreat into his room with the junk pieces gathered giggling and cackling like a mad scientist. He would always say that he was getting ideas of what to make and just by looking at the junk pieces, they were telling him what to make. And rather than trying to work or find a girlfriend, Calvin would always spend nights alone, never sleeping and crafting out blue prints. Then it happened.

It took him nearly a year to get all the right mechanical components together from the scrap he had collected and after three full days and nights of not eating or sleeping, he created a small remote controlled toy tank that shot out BBs. Granted it looked like a giant piece of trash and it was slow, everyone was amazed. When questioned how he did it, Calvin would start stammering and spitting out all this scientific mumbo jumbo that no one could really understand. While amazed by this, Calvin's father still tried to get him to go to work with him and do something with his life. All that came to an end when someone bought the toy tank, a wealthy man from the wealthiest district of Rukongai. With it being sold for a considerable amount, his father didn't need to work as much.

From this point on, Calvin declared himself as an Engineer. Of what? Of Junk of course. He shortened the term down to Junker for short because that's what he worked well with. Well? That was an understatement. He was fantastic with junk. The things he began to build more of were toys, little robots and remote controlled cars. Some he just gave away, others he would sell so his father would get off his damn back. What was the best part of it all? He could make stuff! That was his favorite hobby and now his job to boot. There could be nothing more splendid in this life than making things. Though after he would finish one project, he felt tired. Too tired in fact and would pass out for a day and a half before he ate something and went back to work. The process was repeated over and over again.

Maybe he didn't notice it before, but a Shinigami who passed by one day noticed a fair amount of Reiatsu coming from Calvin's home. When the Shinigami went to the window to see what was the source, he saw Calvin constructing something. Him and his invention were outlined in gray Reiatsu. Now there was nothing more Calvin hated than being interrupted while at more and that's what exactly the Shinigami did. He began to talk and was greeted with Calvin shutting the window on him. Nothing too serious, he just hated to be bothered. Calvin had successfully missed the chance of a life time to be referred to the Shinigami Academy. Now what was Calvin building exactly? Well Calvin was constructing his first Swarmer, or a very subtle and non-violent version of it. Not only would he have something to build but when finished he had something to talk to as he built more. As insane as that might sound, he felt that the things he made he had a connection with. He didn't understand it at the time, but the reason why he was able to construct things is because he manipulated his Reiatsu in such a way that he could reconstruct junk into a workable object.

Many years went on as Calvin became famous in the Rukongai for his building talents and over these years with much trial and error, he began mastering his wonderful skills in Junkertech. One day while eating dinner with his parents, Calvin just stood up and declared he was to become a Shinigami in the Research and Developement Division. After packing his things, he left to the Academy.

Life in the Academy
Calvin entered in the Shinigami Academy not used to being around so many other people. It made him nervous, more nervous than usual. The first lesson every day was one he hard the most...Swordsmanship. He didn't want to play with swords! He wanted to build stuff and develop more inventions so he could build them damn it! He always had a feel that his teachers didn't like him because they would always pair him with someone far better than he was. After a good whooping, Calvin would take his breaks and go off to a secluded spot and cry. He wasn't used to sword fighting. He hated it. He wanted to keep his enemies as far away as possible, figh them from a distance and take them them down like that. Nothing ever made Calvin more upset when the person he was put up against was far better than him and gloated about it. He'd find a way to get back at them.

The next class to take gradually became Calvin's favorite...Kidou. At first it was slightly irritable to not figure something out but once he did Calvin seemed to simply just take the mechanics of how the Kidou was done and figured the rest on his own. One of the female students one day asked if he could show her his method of using Kidou and what happened? Calvin's blue eyes opened more wide than he ever though they could open and he was stone silent. In a slight effort to try and convince him, she opened her robes a little, placing her finger up to her lips and winked. The reaction she got wasn't the one most would want. Calvin began stammering his words so bad he couldn't even make a logical sentence, then fainted. It was utterly astounding that a student could use kidou like he did(But couldn't ever talk to a girl) and Calvin began to just only make his teachers proud and his fellow students quite angry. Word seemed to get around between the teachers that the ones teaching Swordsmanship were harassing Calvin, calling him out, making fun of him and ostracizing him from the rest of the students. This is one of the main reasons why Calvin became so nervous around people. A week later, that teacher was gone. It still didn't change his views on using a sword. He hated the thought of using one. It just wasn't practical to him because he couldn't decipher how using a sword worked.

While Calvin's use of a sword wasn't that great, he eventually started to learn at least one thing from using it. He learned to defend himself and actually quite well. Those broad-chested apes could teach him something after all....and it was at this moment in the Academy that Calvin deduced that the ones who boasted their fighting skill and didn't care for Kidou would be worthless in a fight. He started treating them like lab animals, finding out what made them tick and trying different levels of experiments on them. While they didn't know what he was doing, they sure as hell beat him up for it. Each night he would record an entry in a journal, explaining their reactions to the things he did or said. Even at the cost of getting thrown around like a rag doll, he was experimenting with these ones. Not only did he find out about them, but he learned their cheap shots and how to block them. He hated these Academy students but they had some value to him.

Upon graduation, Calvin was offered the chance of a life time. Being Rank 1 in his Kidou classes, Calvin was offered to go into the Kidou Corp. Something he heard only the best got into. While this offer was tempting, he refused and stated his place was in the labs. And so Calvin was officially placed in in the Research and Development Division. From the day he moved in, it was literally bliss. He couldn't be happier! So many tools to use to make things with, plenty of raw materials to use to make his inventions. Best of all...More junk than he could ever drink of! His fellow Twelfth Squad members took for granted the use of the things they tossed out. Old glass beakers could be melted down and remade into another beaker! Parts of broken bunson burners could be salvaged and created into a fully operational bunson burner! There was so much junk and garbage he could use, people began seeing him sorting threw broken equipment, taking it apart and stuffing the components he needed into a large bag. He couldn't ever, in a million years describe the joy of all the different opportunities knocking at his door.

Giteisho Hametsu Makes His Move
[center]Now Calvin was more than content with sitting in his labs working away fruitlessly but the days he would go out to scrounge and find parts to build up on components, he was picked on by some of the Eleventh Squad. At first it was just simply getting harassed, being called names and the occasional shove here and there. As time elapsed, they began to get more violent. Now they weren't calling Calvin names or pushing him as they passed...but they had begun beating him up. Calvin would try to fight back but they'd over power him and just wreck his day. Every time it happened, Calvin would go back to his room only to sit on his bed and cry till he fell asleep. There was just nothing he could do. He hated fighting in the first place and the theory of just letting those apes get their kicks out of making fun of him so they'd move on to someone else was a total disaster. These guys wouldn't leave him alone. He dreaded even going to the Fourth Squad in fear of getting those bastards in trouble and having them beat him till near death.

For days at a time, Calvin would sit in his room and rig his door with traps. If they came in, they'd get ensnared or knocked out of the room. He hated them. He hated the Eleventh Squad so bad, he wished that Zaraki-Taichou would just kick all his Subordinates asses so they knew what it was like. Calvin knew if he tried something that it'd end up all the same. Calvin loathed his life and just wished he'd die. His fellow Squad Members came to check on him but he would never answer the door. The only time he came out was to nervously go to the Labs for his daily duties. At least everyone knew he was alive. He hadn't gone searching for junk in quite some time and frankly, it made his Squad Members became even more worried. It was highly unlikely for the guy to not go around and search for something that was broken down.

Now once again, Calvin sat alone in his room, rocking back and forth from the thought of getting beaten up. He could have easily reported those guys to Mayuri-Taichou and their his hands? Well they'd never appear again. That began to make Calvin feel somewhat better and such thoughts were ones that always stayed in his mind. What would happen to them, really? If Mayuri-Taichou were allowed to discipline them...they'd be reduced to his insane experiments. Those devious images of them being put in a gas chamber or something of that matter would just be absolutely amazing.

'So you gunna let your Captain back you up? Have more balls than that you son of a b****!' A deep, quite angry voice echoed in Calvin's mind.'You need to have your own back. You can't just simply let those pieces of S*** beat you up...You need to stand up for yourself! I oughta break a broom handle off in yer ass! Go out and search for components. Today. Today will be the day those apes wont ever pick on you ever again.'

The voice that came in Calvin's mind made him jump and look around. No one was in here....was he going crazy? That certainly wasn't Calvin's voice in his own head...Maybe it was that deep pissed off Calvin down in his mind? Either way, it was right. It was time to drop this Pacifism S***. They picked on the wrong scientist for way too damn long and they were going to pay for it. With his giant should bag hanging at his side, Calvin began his search in the dumps outside the Twelfth Division Labs. He had actually found several useful parts, computer chips, different sorts of wires and one piece in particular, the internal components for a Bunson Burner. That'd come in handy for something! Then the two showed up, grinning that the fact their punching bag had shown up.

"Hey there geek. Haven't seen you in a while!" The stronger of the two said.

"Yeah, we haven't spent any good time together y'know? How is our bud?" The man cracked his knuckles as the two closed the distance.

'Say this, I know where this is going and that I'm not going to fight you, I'm going to kick your ass!' The voice spoke to him.
"I know w-w-where this is going....a-and I'm not going to f-fight you, I'm g-g-going to kick your a-ass!"

"Oh ho, so the little Geek thinks he can take us on eh? Just who do you think you are?"

'Say, I'm an equal opportunity ass kicker!'
"I-I'm an e-equal oppurni-nity ass k-kicker!" Calvin replied, his voice cracking.

"AH! So you are huh? Then let's dance Geek Man!" The smaller of the two came in, cocking his fist back and throwing a punch at Calvin.

While Calvin wasn't necessarily the best fighter, he knew how to defend himself. As the swing came in, Calvin ducked and was right under the Ape. Now this is where Calvin usually froze up, but something inside of him just snapped. All the built up anger and hate had gotten the best of the Scientist and with the Ape completely open, Calvin jumped into an Uppercut into his opponent's jaw. He heard the sickening crack as the man went down and stopped moving. So he could do it?! This rush of adrenaline and...power was just so amazing.

"Take that you dirty rat!" Calvin screamed out as he turned to the other man who had came in and sucker punched him at the side. Calvin stumbled back, holding his gut, wheezing and straining to breath. It took a few moments before Calvin recovered and took a very terrible fighting stance.

"You sewer scum, now I'm really pissed off!"

At that, the other Shinigami laughed and shook his head. He didn't so imposing any more. He walked over and picked up his unconscious friend and just smirked at Calvin.

"You know, I had my doubts about you. I blind-sided you and you're still standing ready to fight. I wondered when you would come around and I'm surprised. I'll give you the benefit of the doubt and say you'd kick my ass too. You one-shotted him, you could have done the same to me. With some work, you could fit in well in the Eleventh Squad. Now if you excuse me, I think this guy needs a visit to the Infirmary."

From that point on, Calvin was never harassed or beaten up again. In fact, those two didn't show themselves ever again. It was such an amazing feeling to know he could simply fight them off! Granted, the other hadn't actually fought him and if Calvin did fight the man he probably would have lost. But that voice in his mind that fed him those things to say, it was just so empowering to say them. It was wrong of him and he'd never say them by any real means but it worked. For once, Calvin had actually solved a problem with force. He had always constantly thought that ever problem could yield a solution that ended up in a well thought out plan, not just rushing into a fight. Then again, that was the Eleventh Division's only means of solving a problem.

The next few weeks, Calvin spent his time doing his normal routine--Work in the labs, grabbing scrap together and simply just being happy alone. He began spending a little more time practicing with his Zanpakutou in hopes to get better but it failed. Every practice session ended up in him just becoming more and more frustrated than the last time. He'd smack the Zanpakutou against a rock or a tree in his state of anger. The voice in his mind told him it was a good thing, to release his anger on something inanimate rather than blowing up at his fellow Squad Mates. In time, Calvin began damaging the sword heavily, not even caring enough for the sword to notice the giant crack going up the middle of the blade. On Calvin's final and last attempt to get better(Which ended in some gnarly failure), that deep, amusing voice chimed in.

'That that damn rock! Take your anger out on it!'

And so Calvin did.

However, the moment the blade made impact, the deep crack in the metal caused the blade to break in half with little pieces here and there scattered about. When that happened, Calvin broke down. Instantly he began to cry for fear of his Zanpakutou never speaking to him now. Had he really gone that insane? That he would start doing the things the voices in his head told him to do? At first, being crazy seemed great. That voice had helped him out and now it screwed him over. He gathered the pieces and held in the tears until he reached his room. He dropped the Zanpakutou, shattered and ruined began wheezing heavily. He wouldn't ever get to meet his Zanpakutou now...It would hate him. As much as he hated the stupid sword, he just wanted to at least talk to his Zanpakutou! The stress and fear was too much for the Scientist to bear...and as a result, Calvin passed out right on the floor.

Giteisho Hametsu and Calvin Meet

Calvin began to dream(Or so he thought[If you can think in dreams]) that he was in an absolutely amazing place. It was a junkyard, littered with all sorts of things he could use to make--No, only dream of making. Instantly, he began rummaging in the giant mechanical piles of garbage, sorting out this and that before putting the pieces in neat piles. One held all electrical components, one held all structural components and one held different pieces like audio jacks, data slugs and the like. Immediately, he sat down and his mind went to work. He could build....anything here! There was so much junk that it made having a girlfriend seem so obsolete. Everything he could want was right here in front of him.

"HEY! What are you doing in my Junkyard?!" A voice yelled out from a wrecked car. The voice...however was familiar.

From behind the car, a small child walked over. Calvin's eyes grew wide--and it wasn't from the fact a child owned this place but more so the fact the giant machine he was carrying on his back. One giant back pack with two long, large arms coming out in front of him. His clothes were that of a scavenger, torn and ragged khakis, an oil-stained white t-shirt with a breast pocket and a rugged looking trench coat. As the child came closer, the pissed off look turned into a smile. He hugged Calvin before kissing his forehead...and then spat on the ground.

"I.Am.So.Glad.You.Broke.That.Fucking.Sword." The child exclaimed.

"W-w-what do you mean? Why are you using t-that k-kind of language?" Calvin asked.

"...Coz I can you douche. Do you know who I am?"

"The J-juggernaut, b****?" Calvin joked. He had heard in the Human World some sort of inter-web phenomenon that involved people dubbing over a cartoon. Their main line? 'I'M THE JUGGERNAUT b****!'

The child laughed, slapping his knee before shaking his head.

"That was a good one Calvin But--"

"H-hey! How do you k-know my n-name?" To which Calvin was greeted with a smack across the face. This caused the Scientist to frown.

"Don't interrupt me when I'm talking, okay? I'll give you a hint. I'm the voice in your head. I've been trying to reach you but you wouldn't ever get the fucking hint. I'm--"

"You're my Zanpakutou!"
Calvin howled out, hugging the child and grinning.

"Ehhh, yes. And I'll tell you right now, it is much appreciated you broke that damn thing that was keeping me imprisoned. I tell you, there is nothing more annoying than being cooped up in a small fucking space." He began squirming but made his way out of Calvin's grasp.

"You....built t-that, I a-assume?" Calvin adjusted his glasses and moved in to take a closer look at the contraption.

"Yes, I did. Took me a while but I think it turned out wonderful, don't you think?"

"O-oh! Splendid! I l-love it!"

"Good, Calvin. I'm glad you do. Say, you like this place right?"


"Badass! Now, here's what I wanna do. It took me so damn long for you to break that damn katana so you could see me in the form I wish to be in. Now...close your eyes."

Calvin did so.

"Now, open them."

Calvin did so.

When his blue hues opened to see just what exactly was happening, he noticed that his left hand was covered up to his elbow in a glove. Not only that, but the tips of the glove were covered in what looked like...a mix between a tool set and scalpels.

"This is...y-you?"

"...Well no S*** Mr. Scientist. Do you like me?"

"B-but of course. T-though I lack the knowledge of seeing h-how this is a c-combat effected weapon...Other t-than the f-fact that...Wow. This t-thing is heavy! It's like...bendable steel, right? So I can b-block an attack. And t-these blades...a-aren't just b-blades right? They look! T-this is amazing!"

"Bingo. Though I would say I am anything but combat ineffective. Hit someone with me and I'll cause several lacerations. Not to mention I can be used out side of combat. You made me want to be like this, Calvin. Not just to help you fight but to help you create things. Swords can't help you make stuff...besides I hate swords. As you can see by this place and the contraption on my back...I love to build things. Every time you go out to find scrap and junk for future projects and come back successful, more is added here. The more you find, the more I get to work with in here."

"I-I can tell. h-hate swords t-too?"

"Yeah, can't stand em. Too primitive. Too dumb. Don't get me wrong, I like sharp things but blades should be side arms. What's going to happen when a Hollow blasts at you with a Cero? Ohhh dodge it? f*** that. Get cover and retaliate from afar!"
The Spirit exclaimed.

"...You a-are definitely m-my Zanpak-pakutou. I hate swords so d-damn much."

"I hear that. You know what I'd like? A damn Uzi! That's what I'd like!" The child held his hands out as all sorts of pieces of junk came flying at him. It all assembled into well...An Uzi. From there, he began firing it off. The shells rained down on the ground until there were several clicks."Damn...ran out of ammo..."The child tossed down the weapon as it shattered into it's original junky components.

From there, the conversations that sparked were just the most amazing ones Calvin had ever had. Hours went by, hell it could have been days but Calvin didn't care. He took the Zanpakutou as a veteran of some kind of war, itching for battle in the afterlife...but as a child. Maybe he had died in some war and this was his way of getting a chance to take part in war? He looked so young, so innocent but deep down he was filled with so much anger and hatred that it almost seemed that was who Calvin was on the inside. A child at heart but a vengeful, bloodthirsty one at that. For the most part, the Zanpakutou seemed more so eager to talk to Calvin and explore the Junkyard. Hadn't he had enough time to search the area himself? Maybe. Then again, there was a very good chance the Spirit was new to the whole being a Zanpakutou thing.

When Calvin began talking about the mechanical backpack the Spirit had and how he wanted to make one, all the child could do was grin. Not once was Calvin asking his name. This was good. To the Spirit, it wasn't about Calvin just wanting to get the name from him so desperately but together, they sat and talked about different things, building little things here and there. One of them happened to be a re-creation of Calvin's robotic rat, which quickly scurried about before climbing on his shoulders. If the Zanpakutou could be honest, he wasn't sure what Calvin wanted as far as a Shikai could go. Though the time they would spend together, he would find out for sure. Calvin seemed naive enough for the Spirit to ask him what he wanted him to be, what he looked like and what he wanted the Zanpakutou to be able to do and the Shinigami wouldn't even notice. But the Zanpakutou had a general idea. Together they would make the Shikai together and Calvin wouldn't even know it. Then it was all a matter of finding different things his Shinigami would like.

"So, Calvin. You like my extra arms yeah?"

"Oh, o-of course!"

"Heh, you want to make one with me? You know, when we gather up stuff to have a build night we have four extra arms to carry stuff around."

"That'd b-be fantastic!"

The next what seemed like several hours later was spent finding the right materials for the job, drawing blue-prints on the back of old fliers and the dirt. Lastly, the time was spent building them. Now the Zanpakutou tweaked with a few times, adding in a built in camera and microphone. When questioned about it, the Zanpakutou replied that if they split up they could keep in contact better and Calvin questioned no more. This was good because the less Calvin dwelled further in thought the less he'd figure out. The first idea came when Calvin's Robotic Rat had stopped working and Giteisho had opened it up and began re-working on it. A few minutes later it was operational and Calvin looked absolutely amazed.

"Do you know, buildin' S*** with me Calvin?"

"Hell y-yeah! I o-one else in m-my squad c-can do w-what I can."

"Good, expect that to be working for a good time before it breaks down."

So far, Giteisho had the base of what was to come and a good idea of how he could help Calvin out when used. The next came after Calvin's finished set of arms was built and they were rummaging in a giant wreck of old military vehicles. Giteisho had slammed his fist down on an old Missile Launcher and as it sailed across the sky Calvin's eyes just went wide with awe. This place was just so...goddamn amazing! A couple of other thoughts came with this.

"Say, you're good with Kidou right? So I must be too. Let's try fire off a couple of something or another together. I have an experiment I wanna test out."

"I-I don't think you c-can use K-kidou, can y-you? Good hypothesis, t-though."

"What better way to find out other than to try? Trial and Error, you are a Scientist you should know this."

"A-alright. I'll do o-one first, k-kay?"

"H-Hadou Number F-four, Byakurai!" Calvin called out as the beam of lightning shot from his fingers. It traveled a long without anything getting in the beam's way and soon dissapeared.

"I see, now let me try. Hadou Number Four, Byakurai!
" The Child held his finger out as well and replicated what Calvin had done.

"That's so cool! Y-you know what this m-means right?" Calvin grinned.

"What does that mean buddy?"

"It m-means I can practice m-my Kidou w-with you!"

'Bingo' The Zanpakutou thought. Slowly but surely, he was learning what he could do with Calvin. Unlike from what Calvin had talked about other Zanpakutou, they gave their powers to their Shinigami but seldom actually was there to fight with them. They were just a weapon, a tool to most Shinigami. Together they practiced the Kidou that Calvin knew for some time before he was to try out his next idea. He told to Calvin to keep firing off some more Kidou while he tinkered with one of the missiles. Several minutes later, he told Calvin to shoot one last Byakurai and he did so without question. The moment the beam left the Shinigami's finger, Giteisho hit the firing mechanism and the missile shot off. In stead of going in a straight path this time, it followed the Kidou and crashed into the ground some distance off. Calvin seemed utterly amazed by this. His Zanpakutou just kept getting better and better the more time they spent together!

So far all these ideas were coming to fruition and the Zanpakutou needed some more time. After having Calvin help him gather some material components, they sat and talked for awhile. Both of them seemed to have more in common than they did in differences. In some seemed like Calvin was the child and the Zanpakutou was the adult. He showed Calvin different ways to build objects, specifically how to make robotic animals because Calvin seemed to like animals so much. All the while, with all the things gathered and in time, the Spirit had made what looked like a handgun. Different parts from what looked like a Desert Eagle, a scope and a flash-light were put together. The Zanpakutou spun the pistol around on his finger before he handed it off to Calvin's left robotic arm. Now what Calvin didn't know was that Giteisho could control the arms on Calvin's backpack and the Spirit started firing the gun off. Instead of bullets, the thing began firing lasers!

"H-how? What did you do to m-make it w-work like that?"

"It was simple. I just needed the parts from the handgun to use as the base. Then I took the scope and flash-light parts and mixed them together. I used the battery from the light and crossed some wires to make it function like this:Every time you pull the trigger, theoritically a beam of light should come out from the barrel. But, I made the voltage out put fifty times higher. A normal battery couldn't handle that, and you didn't seem to notice but I used my own Reiatsu to power it. It was a fifty-fifty shot but it seemed to work. Alright...Calvin, I need you to be really damn honest. Did you enjoy your time with me?"

"I-in your words...F-f*** yeah!"

Giteisho smiled sincerely, something he didn't seem to be able to do.

"Okay then. I need some time alone, you know, so I can rest. You should do the same too. We'll talk in a couple of days okay?"

"Aww...b-but if I leave, t-then I c-cant be h-here anymore! And I-I won't b-be able to u-use this c-cool invention!"

"It'll always be here when you come back. I wanted to keep it a secret but...I was actually going to make a nice place for us to keep the things we built together in. Anyways, it's time for you to go. Don't bug me."

With that, Calvin woke up. Immediately he was saddened. He had such a good time with his Zanpakutou he never wanted to leave! Though when his eyes met the glove on his hand, it made him feel better. At least his Zanpakutou was happy and so was Calvin. The next couple of days Calvin spent eagerly awaiting for his Zanpakutou to talk to him. His Squad mates were surprised when he showed up at the labs with the glove and was questioned. He explained what happened and while some laughed at how childish Calvin sounded, others thought it was cool of Calvin to have such a neat Zanpakutou. When they asked him whether or not he had been given the Zanpakutou's name, Calvin's heart dropped. That was the one thing he didn't want brought up. He knew it might piss off the Zanpakutou and that when the time came, his name would be shared.

A week came and went and the Zanpakutou hadn't made contact. Now he said for Calvin not to bug him and so he didn't. He didn't want to rush anything and regret it. For that entire week, Calvin remembered what the Spirit had said, every time he gets things to build with, it creates a larger inventory for the Zanpakutou! To pass the time and sate his desire to talk to the Zanpakutou, every chance he got Calvin went out looking for scrap and junk he could use. By now, the deposits of material he found components in were running dry. He had thoroughly raped the depots of almost everything useful. On that Sunday when Calvin was about to actually go to sleep, the Zanpakutou spoke to him.

"Hey Calvin"

"Oh, Zanpakutou! Whatchya been u-up to?"

"Building something so fucking amazing, it's gunna blow your mind."

"R-really?! C-can I-I-I-I c-c-come see?!"

"Yeah, but you need to do one thing for me. It's very important."


"Okay. When you go around the barracks or lab or something, find a girl in your squad. Get to know her for me, talk to her and just try not to freak out. Then, when the time is right...Give her a nice big smack on the ass for me! Hell, grab it too and I'll applaud you."


"You heard me...The sooner you do this, the sooner I can show this to you."

This made Calvin extremely nervous. Too nervous in fact. He wasn't sure he could do this but the dying want to see what his Zanpakutou had made was too strong. The next day, Calvin began talking to a girl by the name of Ayama. Now he was too damn nervous for his own good but she seemed to like that in him. They conversed in the labs and made a lot of small talk as Calvin actually got to know her. He spent four days courting the girl, writing little poems for her and leaving them at her door as well as little colored mechanical flowers that played songs when the petals began to slowly move around in a counter-clockwise position. On the fifth night, the two got together and took a long walk around the barracks. Under the moonlight, Calvin embraced the woman and it was there he got his first and last kiss. The kiss was perfect, up until he actually did what the Zanpakutou told him to do. After his hand groped the woman, she pushed him away, smacked him, called him a pervert and said she didn't want to see him again.


'It better be worth it...' Calvin grumbled, holding his cheek still.

Just to test his patience, Giteisho didn't talk to Calvin again. He wanted to test his Shinigami to see if all the time the two had spent together and all the patience Calvin had thus far was enough for him to be told the best thing he'd hear in a long time. The name of his Zanpakutou. A whole month went by as Calvin kept to himself, being the shunned man in the labs due to his stunt. And all for what? Nothing right now. He had blown an actual chance with an actual girl who wanted to be with him for who he was and he went and blew it all away because his Zanpakutou had told him to do it. Following the end of the month, Calvin was assigned to attend to a Hollow appearing in the small town of Karakura, the place that the Substitute Shinigami, Kurosaki Ichigo was from.

When he arrived, Calvin went into combat unaware that this Hollow fought primarily from a distance. It would send it's spike like tentacles in the ground and attack from beneath or it would shoot out venomous quills from it's arms and back. He couldn't get close enough to attack but he couldn't use Kidou without being attacked and having the spell go off in the wrong direction. Inside, Calvin had felt that his Zanpakutou had abandoned him. That all the time they spent together meant nothing. He nearly wanted to break down and cry. The only person who had actually gotten to know Calvin wouldn't talk to him.

As the Scientist stood there, the jaws of the Hollow were coming down. Slower and slower, time seemed to stop before Calvin felt a tug on his left arm. He looked down to see his Zanpakutou standing there, a wide grin on the child's face.

"Well Heyyy there!" The Zanpakutou called out.

"The f*** have y-you been?!"

"Thinking. Waiting. I had to touch up on what I wanted to show you. Now listen closely...Are you listening?"



Time sped up as Calvin saw the jaws coming down to chomp down on his head and he jumped to the side. The Hollow shot several quills at him, impaling Calvin's left leg with four of the quills. The Shinigami stumbled back as he heard the Zanpakutou again.

'Call that Hollow a stank ass b****!'
"You stank a-ass b-b****!"

The Hollow roared in response before it raised it's massive tentacle of an arm and smashed it into the ground.

'Now listen one last time....Are you ready? I won't repeat myself...say it with me...'

Calvin's eyes opened wide as he heard the start of the name.

"GITEISHO HAMETSU!" Calvain screamed out, holding his left hand out. His entire right arm began to glow grey with his Reiatsu. From elbow up, the Reiatsu started to move up to his arm and begin taking over his chest. From the chest, his right arm started to become covered in the Reiatsu as well. From his shoulders sprouted two large, mechanical arms. When the Shikai was fully released, his Reiatsu exploded, causing a large gust of wind to blow out from him. Both of his hands were covered in the gloves of the Sealed Zanpakutou now and with the arms coming from his shoulders, Calvin began to understand.

As the tentacle spike came shooting up from the ground, the mechanical arms reached down and grabbed it before it could impale the Shinigami. From the right side of his chest, Calvin could hear laughing coming from the microphone.

"Ha ha ha, now this is a force to be reckon'd with!"

The arms pulled on the tentacle, forcing the Hollow to smash into the ground. Calvin jumped back, a huge grin on his face. So finally, he knew his Zanpakutou's name.

"It took you long enough...Giteisho Hametsu."

"Yeah, well I'll explain later. Now then, Hollow. Now you see us together, Now you're dead!"
Giteisho called out.

"Alright Calvin, Engaging In Firing Sequence, right?"

"Yes, Engage In Firing Sequence!"

The arms shot out and the mechanical finger tips were pressed together. Reiatsu began to form at the tips before two lasers were fired at the Hollow. By the time the lumbering beast had gotten to it's feet, two large holes were burned in it's chest. The Hollow stumbled back, growling so loud Calvin could feel the vibrations from where he was standing.

"Let's try some Kidou then, Calvin! Like before, remember? Let's keep this son of a b**** in place!"

"Bakudou Number Thirty Seven, Tsuriboshi!" Both of Calvin and Giteisho called out as the Reiatsu shot from their hands. The force from being hit by two of the same Kidou pushed it back, allowing the the Hollow to be ensnared against the wall. The Hollow immediately began to struggle. Giteisho and Calvin both knew it wouldn't last forever.

"Hey, Hollow. There's only two ways this is going to end. In both of them, you die!" Giteisho called out."Calvin, I'm Locking Onto Target, yeah?!"

"Fuck yeah Giteisho! Locking onto Target..." Calvin began as the hands opened up. The palms opened a compartment as Calvin heard the whirring of something charging up in the arms."Firing in 3...2...1...FIRE!" Both of them called at the same time as two missiles shot from inside the arms, spiraling around each other until they landed directly in the Hollow's head. It literally exploded in a giant scene of gore and icker. The Hollow fell forward and instantly exploded into vapor.

"So this is you, my Zanpakutou?" Calvin asked, looking at it as best as he could.

"Fuck yeah it's me! Us spending time together helped me to understand what I could do with you. When we fight, I just don't give you my powers...We use them together. We bring the true meaning of fighting together as a Zanpakutou and Shinigami. There are none like us."

"Giteisho...I need to call for the Fourth Squad...The Hollow hit me with it's poison..." Calvin eagerly called for the back up.

"Aw, come on. Don't puss out on me. CALVIN! CALVIN GODDAMNIT!" It was already too late. The Shinigami passed out on the street and when the Fourth Division got there, they found Calvin unconscious, the glove that was his Zanpakutou clutched to his chest. All the while, he wore a smile that seldom others saw.

In his last moments of consciousness, Calvin realized that getting slapped in the face, called a pervert and losing one of his only few chances to get a girl were well damn worth it.


Name: Tsuriboshi (Suspending Star)
Number: 37
Type: Bakudō
Range: Long
Incantation: Unknown
Description: Creates a star-shaped cushion of spiritual energy, which anchors it to nearby objects with "ropes" of spirit particles. It can stop falling objects, acting like a safety net.

Name: Sekienton (Red Smoke Escape)
Number: 21
Type: Bakudō
Range: Short
Incantation: Unknown
Description: Creates a blast of red smoke that simulates a ninja's smoke bomb. Useful for quick getaways.

Name: Hyōsekkai Sennari (Hail Stone Cluster) ***
Number: 38
Type: Hadō
Range: Long
Incantation: Emperor of the North Wind whose blessings I seek, breathe upon my foes and let them witness true terror!
Description: An enhanced version of Hadō #6, Hyōsekkai. The user raises a hand to the sky and large stones of ice rain down from the heavens. The hail stones swarm around the enemy until the user crushes their outstretched hand into a fist, and the hailstones all collide into the opponent at the same time.

Name: Shakkahō (Shot of Red Fire)
Number: 31
Type: Hadō
Range: Long
Incantation: Ye Lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, The sea barrier surges, March on to the south!
Description: Fires a ball of red energy at a target.

Name: Byakurai (Pale Lightning)
Number: 4
Type: Hadō
Range: Long
Incantation: Unknown
Description: Fires a concentrated bolt of lightning from the caster's forefinger.


Sealed form:
Bladed Glove


Name:Giteisho Hametsu
Spirit Description: Giteisho Hametsu's "Back Pack"
Unlike Calvin, this Zanpakutou spirit is extremely overconfident in battle. He's a womanizing, bloodthirsty spirit who loves the idea of carnage and mayhem. However insane he might sound, he actually is pretty calm most of the time. Should the chance for a fight to ensue, or Calvin to talk to a girl, he goes absolutely obnoxious and goads him on to fight or try his luck getting some company for the night. If released and able to speak, he'll talk over Calvin to do these things. However different they may seem, both Calvin and his Zanpakutou Spirit are completely happy with each others' company.

Inner World: A vast junkyard that only serves as a place for what Calvin could really call Heaven. It is filled with gargantuan piles of junk. From broken down computers, to cars, lights, planes, helicopters and even Military vehicles, weapons and arms. Of course, it is all broken down and needs to be repaired. They sky is always grey and mechanical animals roam the Junkyards, from birds to boar they all seem to enjoy it when Calvin is in this place. It is also here where Giteisho and Calvin talk about the things Calvin can create. Granted he can't bring any parts of this place back with him, he has to actually go and scrounge in the Seireitei or Rukongai for the things he needs.
Type: Technological
Call Out Phrase:Kiwamaru... Giteisho Hametsu! [Terminate... Ruin Protocol!]
Shikai Appearance:
After the release phrase is called, Calvin's entire torso is encased in a thick, metallic-like vest. Protruding from his shoulders are two full length arms slightly longer than Calvin's own arms. Over the right pectoral in a six inch diameter is a glowing red light. Underneath that are slits in the vest. Now the light is actually a camera and the slits are speakers. This is so in combat, the two can communicate not just with each other but other members in his or another squad.
Shikai Abilities:

Type: Offensive
Incantation: Engage In Firing Sequence!
Range: 10 Yards
Description: When the tips of each fingers of the Shikai press together and the Reiatsu formed is charged into two thick, scolding hot beams. When they are fired off at the target, they keep one straight path. At the end of the beams' effective range or they hit a target they cannot burn threw*, the beams explode in a blinding flash of light that distorts the sense of sight and burns the retina. Two beams can only be fired off in rapid succession twice, any more and the arms overheat causing another attempt to end in a malfunction. If the arms overheat and do malfunction then they will be unable to operate.

Reiatsu Seeking Missiles
Type: Offensive
Incantation: Locking Onto Target...Firing In 3....2....1...FIRE!
Range: 30 Yards
Description: The insides of the arms are actually storage compartments for rockets. When fired, holes in the palms open up to the inside of the arm and after they are fired, the holes close again. Upon release, they both have up to four rockets each. When a rocket is fired, Calvin must wait approximately fifteen seconds before another can be fired. How are these reloaded? The rockets can be remade two ways, either Calvin's own Reiatsu or Spirit Particles. If he uses Reiatsu, they are created faster and are deadlier but they take quite some strength from him. If Spirit Particles are used then it takes longer and they aren't as destructive yet Calvin doesn't suffer any fatigue. The Rockets also take time to use. An opponent needs to be 'locked on' before fired upon and if he is too fast, locking onto him will be nearly impossible.

Type: Varies
Incantation: Varies
Range: Varies
Description: What really brings Calvin and his Zanpakutou close together is that in combat they are able to cast the same Kidou at the same time. Whether it be Hadou or Bakudo, the two cast the incantation at the same time and fire off the Kidou at the same time. Though both the of the spells are weakened by half, not making them as strong as a regular Kidou but more stopping power is available. The Zanpakutou can only do the Kidou that Calvin knows. As they progress stronger together then obviously more Kidou is at their disposal.

Name: The Final Touch
Type: Supplementary
Description: Whenever Calvin finishes a project, he needs the aid of his Shikai to add the finishing touches, hence the name The Final Touch. Now Calvin is well known for taking junk and putting it together to create something brand new. However, the durability depends on what mood he is in or if he is stressed out. Even in a good mood, most of the devices he creates tends to break down over time. The Final Touch has two major functions. the first being to make the durability of whatever Calvin creates greater than it was beforehand. The second is if something should break down or worse--explode(Which some of his creations aren't supposed to do!), this ability mends back the device together. If the devices is destroyed, it is either manually put back together or the parts are spiritually formed. When fixing or making a device more durable, the fingertips in the hands open up and small wires work their way into the gadgets. From there, Reiatsu is injected into the gadget to make it stronger and more durable.

Innate Ability
Calvin has a spectacular ability that no one else in Soul Society seems to have. He can taken the components from busted mechanical units and put them back together into something that works. While it usually tends to be clunky and unreliable at times, his inventions still work. How he is able to do this, he really isn't sure. He always spouts off that he just has a feel for all things mechanical and that he is able to understand just what the 'Spirits' of the broken mechanical devices are saying to him. They are pissed because they are broken but are happy and content when they are remade. This could be true, but no one else seems to be able to do what he does and he's been labeled partially insane but not a threat to Soul Society. Objects such as his Mines or traps are not created from Junk. However, things like The Swarmers are.
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Mods, also feel free to give some CC on what I have thus far. I know theres some stuff I gotta add in but...this IS a Work In Progress
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Calvin's Check list:
[]unrealesed zanpakuto look, you can make a basic description or a pic
[]stats: 180 for captains with our stat system
[]and a pic of your guy would help
love the detail.

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Calvin Farrin[WIP]
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