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 Day Four: Arrival

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PostSubject: Day Four: Arrival   Thu Oct 29, 2009 1:24 am

So today was my first time in the human world after coming into this new after life and I have to stay I certainly missed some of the livelier bunch over on their sides. I took along this special bracelet that hides my appearance and spiritual presence to that of a normal human. Though mine had to have some modifications to it as my spiritual power was greater then what the researcher brunch expected so by taking away the invisibility and walking though the solid objects aspect I managed to remain in what looked like human form for my entire visits. I won’t lie it was a little uncomfortable at first to breath in the low grade of spiritual particles that the air had, it was nearly a choking sensation when i stepped into that realm with one step. I appointed and adjusted my sense according but ya certainly a place i would like to visit not live in. So walking like a normal person I passed by a large number of humans in the town, all different kinds of people from light skin to the dark tones even some oddly colour people with like half green and yellow tones to their different idea why they would have skin or even scales like that but I guess there are always the strangest things floating about. There were a lot of dead human souls wondering around to muttering a lot crap about stuff I had no idea about, how the hell did the humans keep ignoring this guys I have no idea, was it really true they couldn’t see them? Taste was something different over there, their food has a heck of a lot more variety then the common pure or impure stuff that serve back in humen mundo, a lot of variety in textures and flavours like sweet, sour rotten or plain. Ohh the clothing over there is AWSOME!! Like heck a person can only wear the same style of clothing for eternity for so long before it gets a little boring day in and day out. Man I would rather go nude or something just to change it up but I think I would get into trouble...or the odd looks from the other members that seem to have a falsification with my looks. Any case oddly enough that wanted something called money in return...guessing that some kind of something they trade so naturally I had noting and had to do dishes in the back room for three hours. After that I went to the pack and played with some young lings for the rest of the day as the sun was setting, it was a really beautifully to see the different colors. Eventually everyone left and here I am no under the night tree seeing this worlds actually night sky. It’s so amazing here; they have actually theses tiny little dots of light covering the entire sky. I can’t wait to see what happens tomorrow I think I’ll be staying here for a while, they can find me if they really need something.

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Day Four: Arrival
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